How Long Does Ipe Wood Really Last?

How long does Ipe really last?

It has been known to last outdoors for up to 75 years. However, in answering this question, there’s a need to get a grasp the application, board sizes, milling profile used, quality of installation. etc.  For quite a long time, pressure-treated wood, redwood, or cedar were considered the best materials for building outdoors. Now Ipe has a firm hold on the title for best outdoor material.

Pressure Treated Wood

This material is very popular because it is cheap and simple to use. Be that as it may, the low cost usually comes with unpredicted disadvantages. One associated downside of pressure-treated wood is maintenance. In addition, you won’t have to do stripping, sanding, staining on a yearly basis. Recently, research has associated leakages of chemicals with pressure-treated wood when it gets wet. So, it’s definitely not something you want around your family.

Cedar and Redwood

These two kinds of wood are remarkably popular because they have solid performance records. Regrettably, there’s the scarcity of the bug-resistant wood which has a life expectancy of 30+ years. At present, if any of these two kinds of wood are priced, they would cost much more than Ipe or high-quality composite materials.


Arriving the decking scene as an amazing product, composites possess the characteristics of good wood and without defect. Unfortunately, this feat was unrealistic as unforeseen issues such as mold to unstable boards plagued the composite decking. In reaction, many organizations attempted to address the most typical complaints; however, several problems remain unresolved to date. Composite remains a plastic product that has no resemblance to wood. It’s not as solid as wood. Special installation techniques are required to ensure a safe deck.


We offer a durable product that is almost maintenance-free, 100% natural, and is the strongest available option of decking. This beautiful dark brown color wood with touches of olive green and red possesses a life span of 75 years, because of its high density and natural preservatives. Their maintenance requirements are straightforward: occasional sweeping, rinsing with warm water, and covering with Ipe Oil to safeguard the color. However, if your need is a silver patina, the best option is to allow the wood to survive naturally without the Ipe oil.

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