Deckwise® Ipe Clip® vs Camo® Clips vs EdgeClip™ – Best Ipe Hidden Fastener/Clip Battle

We get a lot of people asking about hidden clip systems for their Ipe Decking. There are many options, but some of the most popular are EdgeClip™, Deckwise® Ipe Clips®, and Camo® Clips.

The Ipe Clip® covers the stainless steel core, protecting it from weathering and deterioration. It also stops people from seeing the reflection of stainless steel in between the board gaps. Thus preserving the whole reason for hidden clips, by keeping them hidden.

Ipe Woods USA, up until December 2023, had recommended some other hidden fasteners. But as times change, so make hidden fastening recommendations, and now we are recommending the Ipe Clip®.  Not only is it strong, but it also installs fast and covers a portion of the joist from weathering below.  It also secures through the board, creating a tighter bond between the joist, board, and hidden fastening system. It is a real win for contractors and customers alike. Not only that, but it installs with a  3/32″, 5/32″, and 1/4″ gap spacing, making it tight but allowing for airflow. The Ipe Clip takes into account many things that are specific to Ipe and exotic hardwood, such as the expansion and contraction that other Ipe hidden fasteners do not.

If you are looking for tighter spacing, there is no tighter spacing recommended than Deckwise® Ipe Clip®. Having a 3/32″ gap spacing option creates just enough airflow if ventilated properly. However, the tighter the gap spacing you do, the more concerned you should be about ventilation.  If you do not have prime open ventilation, more airflow is better. For complete installation recommendations, please visit our installation page

  Camo® Clips Deckwise® Ipe Clip® EdgeClip™
Pre-drilling No Yes No
Screws Directly into Joist? Yes No (better securing by going through wood) Yes
Used with pre-grooved or boards only? Yes Yes Yes
Gap Space 1/4″ 3/32″, 5/32″, and 1/4″ 3/16″
Screw Type Stainless Stainless Stainless
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty Limited Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ipe Clip® by Deckwise®

  • Secure installation
  • For use with pre-grooved boards or biscuit cut
  • Screws go through Ipe into joist(s)
  • Remember to register the warranty within 45 days of purchase. This also confirms the legitimacy of the product.
  • Works with pre-grooved boards
  • Color options – Black, Grey (if wanting to let Ipe turn grey), Brown


  • It doesn’t always do the best with exotic hardwood like Ipe, due to the thin clip sometimes coming loose. When using this, we recommend a longer period of acclimation.
  • It Installs fast but does not secure through the wood creating the potential for more movement when boards expand and contract.
  • It comes with the guide tool
  • Screws into joist
  • Works with pre-grooved boards
  • Color options – black

Camo® Clips

  • Screw directly into joist(s)
  • For use with pre-grooved boards only
  • Require no pre-drilling in Ipe
  • Faster installation than methods requiring pre-drilling
  • Talons provide grip into the Ipe

New Alternative to Conventional Hidden Fasteners

While the popularity of hidden fasteners doesn’t seem to be diminishing anytime soon, the new Camo® Edge Fastening System is not only much less expensive but also is a good intermediary between face screwing and hidden clips. It also requires no pre-drilling if used properly!

Many people reach out to us seeking information on the best-hidden clip systems for their Ipe decking. There are various options available, but three of the most popular are EdgeClip™, Deckwise® Ipe Clips®, and Camo® Clips.

Ipe Clip® is one of our top recommendations as of 2019. This clip covers the stainless steel core, preventing weathering and deterioration, as well as ensuring that the stainless steel does not reflect between the board gaps, maintaining the concealed appearance of the clips. It is a strong option that installs quickly and protects a portion of the joist from weather exposure below. It also provides a secure connection between the joist, board, and hidden fastening system. Contractors and customers alike benefit from this solution. Additionally, it can be installed with 3/32″, 5/32″ or 1/4″ gap spacing, which allows for proper airflow while still maintaining a tight connection. The Ipe Clip takes into account the unique expansion and contraction of Ipe and exotic hardwoods, unlike other Ipe-hidden fasteners.

If you prefer a tighter gap spacing, then Deckwise® Ipe Clip® is a great option with its 3/32″ gap spacing option, which provides adequate ventilation when proper air circulation is available. However, it’s important to be mindful of ventilation as the tighter the gap spacing, the more important ventilation becomes. For the best results, proper ventilation is essential. If you don’t have ideal ventilation, it’s recommended to go with a wider gap spacing. For complete installation guidelines, please visit our installation page.

So how can you not have to pre-drill a screw when using Ipe? Check out this video: