Ipe Price List – Ipe Cost Comparison Sheet

We strive to give our customers the most up-to-date Ipe pricing on all of our Ipe products. Don’t be fooled by other companies’ cheap, low-quality Ipe. The boards we ship are hand-selected to meet our specifications. This is how we are able to offer our lowest price guarantee on the top grade.  We are completely committed to the success of our customers. We thank you for visiting our site and encourage you to call us or just send us your project requirements so we may customize a quote for you. We also offer all of these custom milling services that can reduce your labor costs and time on your project site. No matter if you are looking for a price for Ipe decking, siding, or fencing, you have come to the right place. People that want Ipe want genuine high quality for the best prices possible and that is the business we are in.

Shipping Available Anywhere on Planet Earth! Including Your Job Site.

IMPORTANT: Our random board lengths orders are for 6'-22' boards. However, some companies will offer a "lower price" by providing either lower quality boards or a lot of shorter lengths, charging as much as $1.20 more per linear foot for "Premium Length" boards. We understand that most customers do not want all short boards, nor do they want low-quality boards. Therefore, we do not price our random order lengths with the intention of later adding additional charges. If you are okay with short boards, please inform your sales representative so that we can adjust your quote according to your needs. When it comes to grade, it is clearly marked on the items you order. If you decide to choose another company, make sure to get any promises in writing.

Random Board Lengths

Specific Board Lengths

1×4 Ipe Pregrooved – Starting at $17.20

1x4 ipe grooved boards

1×4 Ipe Eased-Edge – Starting at $15.60

1x4 ipe boards

1×6 Pregrooved Ipe – Starting at $37.00

1x6 ipe groved boards

1×6 Eased-Edge Ipe – Starting at $34.60

1x6 ipe boards

1×8 Eased-Edge Ipe – Starting at $44.10

5/4×4 Pregrooved Ipe – Starting at $26.40

5/4x4 ipe grooved boards

5/4×4 Eased-Edge Ipe – Starting at $24.00

5/4x4 ipe boards

5/4×6 Pregrooved Ipe – Starting at $48.40

5/4x6 ipe grooved boards

5/4 x 6 Ipe One Side Pregrooved – $48.42

5/4×6 Ipe Eased-Edge – Starting at $48.72

5/4x6 ipe boards

5/4×8 Ipe Eased-Edge – Starting at $51.20

5/4x8 ipe boards

5/4×10 Ipe Eased-Edge – Starting at $79.60

5/4x10 ipe boards

5/4×12 Ipe Eased-Edge – Starting at $90.40

5/4x12 ipe boards

2×2 Ipe Eased-Edge – Starting at $22.94

2x2 ipe boards

2×4 Ipe Eased-Edge – Starting at $40.80

2x4 ipe boards

2×6 Ipe Eased-Edge – Starting at $124.80

2x6 ipe boards

2×8 Ipe Eased-Edge – Starting at $82.80

2x8 ipe boards

2×10 Ipe Eased-Edge – Starting at $111.12

2x10 ipe boards

2×12 Ipe Eased-Edge – Starting at $288.00

2x12 ipe boards

1 x 4 Tongue & Groove Ipe – $2.71

1x4 ipe Tongue and Groove

1 x 6 Tongue & Groove Ipe – $16.04

1x6 ipe Tongue and Groove

5/4 x 4 Tongue & Groove Ipe – $27.89

5/4x4 ipe Tongue and Groove

5/4 x 6 Tongue & Groove Ipe – $53.22

5/4x6 ipe Tongue and Groove

3×6 Ipe – Starting at $19.50


3×8 Ipe – Starting at $22.80


3×12 Ipe – Starting at $57.90


4×4 Ipe Eased-Edge – Starting at $45.20

4×6 Ipe – $47.90


4×8 Ipe – Starting at $68.50


4×12 Ipe – $98.75


6×6 Ipe – Starting at $83.00

6x6 ipe

6×12 Ipe – Starting at $170.00

6x12 Ipe

8×8 Ipe – Starting at $168.00


Short Board Lengths (3′-7′ Lengths)

3′-7′ Lengths 1 x 4 Ipe – $1.90

1x4 ipe

3′-7′ Lengths 1 x 6 Ipe – $2.90

1x6 ipe

3′-7′ Lengths 5/4 x 6 Ipe – $4.23

5/4x6 ipe

We can mill a standard board specifically for your needs. This includes shiplap siding, rainscreen siding, or any milling you so choose. If you require a unique job we can have a profile created for you. Please visit our installation page for more information on the most effective ways to install Ipe. Please also note that larger boards often are rough-sawn and not eased edge. Ipe rail caps and post caps are also available upon request.

How much does Ipe Cost?

Example: As an example of a 200-square foot Ipe 1×6 deck, you can expect to pay about $2198 from us including shipping or close to $2872 retail for the same thing,

Breakdown of Ipe Decking Price Example:
Currently, $9.24 per square foot which is the same as $4.20 a linear foot and this includes shipping.
$1,848 total for the 200/SF or 440/LF of Ipe.
Shipping depends on the area and if it goes to a terminal, residential, or business. But it is included in this estimate as a terminal pickup.

*Please note that prices may be altered at any time without prior notification. This website and page should be utilized solely as a point of reference, and not as a guarantee of pricing.