Why is Ipe Really the Best?

Ipe Vs Other Hard Woods

Decks, no matter how you design it, still boil down to one big thing, outdoor living space. Since it is one of the most used spaces, it only reasons that when buying decking, your first consideration should be the choice of decking materials.

Nowadays, there a wide variety of decking material choices. From cheap looking synthetics to beautiful exotic natural woods.  Comfort is very important thats why the edges are often rounded to avoid splintering and make it more comfortable to walk on.

We have decided to make a comparison between the available decking materials and see how they fare against each other. We believe it will go a long way in helping you make the right decisions for your decking.

There are many different options for hardwood when installing a quality deck. A superior hardwood deck needs to be able to maintain high environmental standards and have natural characteristics that will set it above all other hardwoods.

The most common choice of decking is the wood decking. Wood materials are often strong and natural. They are also easy to install and they feel cool under the feet. However, some types of wood are prone to rot and require annual cleaning. Most wood decking requires treatments annually. Now enters why Ipe is so much better than the other competitors.

Ipe Wood

Ipe wood is the finest quality of hardwood available. Its natural properties make it the toughest and longest lasting decking material. Ipe decking is well-known for its exceptional characteristics and properties. It is an exotic hardwood that is extremely dense and tight grained, which gives it its strength.

The natural oils in the wood give it the highest rating for resistance against insects, especially termites. It is also naturally resistant to rot and decay, like mold and fungus. It holds up under extreme traffic and heavy use, and resists scratches and slivers. Ipe features a class A fire rating, which is the same rating as concrete and steel.

It has a naturally rich color of brown, with some pieces displaying red and amber hues. Nothing keeps its integrity or lasts as long as Ipe decking. It has been known to last up to 75+ years without preservatives. Not only will your Ipe deck easily stand up to harsh climates, but it will also do so with minimal maintenance. Because of these factors, the majority of people across the world consistently use Ipe wood in many of their decking projects. These qualities make Ipe the ideal choice for decking.

Tropical Hardwoods

These are woods like the cumaru, cambara, red balau, Golden ironwood, ipe, etc. Among these tropical hardwoods, the Ipe is the best.

The Ipe is highly fire resistant and can last over 75 years and beyond, all things being equal. The Ipe is resistant to splintering and scratching and does not require treatment as it turns into a beautiful natural grayish color with time.

It is also very dense and sinks in water due to its high density.

Redwood and Cedar

Containing natural defenses against rot and insects, are usually durable materials, but with constant usage, they get destroyed quickly are they are very soft. They are very lightweight and stiff, and when exposed to sunlight, their color soon fades.

Easily Ipe is the best choice for your next deck.

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