Tigerwood Decking

Tigerwood decking is a popular and highly sought-after option for outdoor decks. It is known for its stunning appearance, density, and longevity. As the name suggests, the wood has tiger-like stripes that add to its unique and exotic beauty. Tigerwood is primarily sourced from South America, where the harsh climate and dense forests result in wood that is harder than most domestic lumber.

Tigerwood’s durability and longevity have made it a preferred choice for decking, as well as for siding, fencing, and flooring. Its density, which is greater than domestic lumber, also means it is more resistant to wear and tear, making it a long-lasting option.

In addition to its beautiful appearance and longevity, Tigerwood decking is also highly resistant to rot, decay, and insects. This makes it a perfect option for outdoor spaces, where it will be exposed to the elements and pests.

As a reputable supplier of Tigerwood decking, our company is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality boards that have been treated properly to ensure a longer lifespan and fewer problems during and after installation. With our expertise and knowledge of wood, we can assist you in selecting the perfect Tigerwood for your outdoor space.

Overall, Tigerwood decking is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an exotic and durable option for their outdoor space. Not only does it have a beautiful appearance, but its density, longevity, and resistance to the elements make it a practical and long-lasting choice for any outdoor project.

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