Garapa Wood Decking

A Complete Guide to Garapa Decking

We recommend Garapa as an excellent alternative to Ipe for those seeking quality at a more accessible price point. Garapa decking stands out for its superior durability and strength compared to standard pressure-treated woods and red cedar, offering enhanced performance across various metrics. Notably cost-effective, Garapa combines affordability with appealing aesthetics and robustness, making it a standout choice against softer wood options. It boasts impressive resistance to decay and pests, underlining its reliability and appeal as our preferred choice.

Our pricing for Garapa begins at under $1.58 per linear foot for 1×4 dimensions. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Insights into Garapa Decking

Also known as Brazilian Ash, Garapa is a top-notch selection for decking, presenting a lighter hue compared to Massaranduba and Ipe yet retaining the allure of Brazilian hardwoods. Its exceptional durability and minimal maintenance requirements, alongside typically straight or occasionally ribbon-grained textures, provide your deck with timeless elegance.

Durability Highlights

Originating from South America’s dense forests, Garapa is an exotic hardwood ideal for outdoor uses, thanks to its outstanding resistance to pests, decay, and harsh weather. Proper maintenance ensures your deck retains its quality and beauty over time. Garapa is second only to Ipe in desirability, given its robust features.

SPECIES Shrinkage Radial to Grain Shrinkage Perpendicular to Grain Differential Shrinkage Volumetric Shrinkage
Garapa 6.50% 10.00% 3.50% 15.90%


Garapa offers a cost-effective hardwood option, delivering the aesthetic and durability benefits of pricier alternatives like Ipe at a fraction of the cost. Its affordability makes it a favored choice in contemporary design, presenting exceptional value.

Aesthetic Appeal

Garapa ages gracefully into a chic gray or light silver, reducing the need for ongoing treatments for those preferring minimal upkeep. For enthusiasts of its natural honey color, UV inhibitors can preserve its vibrancy. Specific cleaners and brighteners are available to rejuvenate Garapa decking, ensuring its classic appeal endures.

In architectural preferences today, Garapa is lauded for its uniform coloration and affordability, despite being slightly softer than Ipe, it maintains comparable stability. The beauty and longevity of exotic hardwoods like Garapa are unparalleled, promising lasting enjoyment of your deck’s natural charm.

Garapa Decking Costs

Garapa is significantly more economical than Ipe, and while its availability varies, it remains a compelling, budget-friendly choice. Further information on Garapa is readily accessible.

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