Garapa Decking

A Complete Guide to Garapa Decking

SPECIES Shrinkage Radial to Grain Shrinkage Perpendicular to Grain Differential Shrinkage Volumetric Shrinkage
Garapa 6.50% 10.00% 3.50% 15.90%

Garapa is our recommended alternative to Ipe. This is simply because it has great characteristics and is price-conscious. The premium type of Garapa Decking is more durable and stronger than pressure-treated decking materials and red cedar. Garapa can beat the cedar decking in almost all measurable aspects. This hardwood is an affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and durable decking material. With regards to choosing your material, the Garapa will exceed the various types of softwood decking materials. It has an elevated resistance against rot and insects. All these things and many more are why it is our go-to.

We sell Garapa starting at less than $1.58/lf for 1×4. Call us for a custom quote.

Things You Need to Know about Garapa Decking

Garapa Decking, which is also commonly referred to as Brazilian Ash, is an amazing choice for decking materials. The shade of this hardwood is lighter than Massaranduba and Ipe, and it has the beautiful tone of Brazilian hardwood. It is also extremely sturdy and durable, and it requires a low level of maintenance. The grain is usually straight and fine, but others come with a ribbon grain that grants a classic look on your deck.

It is Durable

This decking material comes from the thick forest of the South American region. It is an exotic hardwood that is a great choice for exterior applications due to its amazing resistance against insects, rots, and severe weather conditions. By observing appropriate maintenance, you can guarantee that you will maintain the beauty and quality of your deck for a longer period.  In fact, other than Ipe’s characteristics, Garapa is probably the most desirable.

It is Affordable

Compared to other hardwood materials like Ipe, the Garapa Decking is much more affordable. You will be able to enjoy the strength and beauty of a hardwood material but without the same cost. This is why it is a popular option in modern architecture. When you compare it with the price of other materials, this is definitely a more cost-efficient choice.

It Has a Classic Look

As this hardwood ages, it will have a gray patina or light silver shade, which means that you no longer have to apply coating, sealers, or stains in case you want a low level of maintenance. If you prefer the original honey tone of the hardwood, you may want to apply a UV inhibitor on your Garapa Decking. For homeowners who want to bring the deck back to its original appearance, there are brightening systems or deck cleaners that are specifically designed for Garapa.

Concerning decking, Garapa is the best choice for those on a tight budget or looking for a more consistent color. The golden tone of this material is usually admired, which makes it the preferred option in today’s modern architecture. This may be softer than Ipe wood, but it is as stable as the Ipe. All in all, there is no way to compare the durability of exotic hardwoods. You will be able to enjoy the authentic beauty of your deck for a longer period.

How Much Does Garapa Decking Cost?

See the prices below; Garapa is quite a bit less expensive than Ipe; while we have it come through regularly, the bottom line is not always available. Other details about Garapa can be found here.

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