Cumaru Decking

SPECIES Shrinkage Radial to Grain Shrinkage Perpendicular to Grain Differential Shrinkage Volumetric Shrinkage
Cumaru 5.40% 8.40% 3.00% 13.30%

Cumaru is one of the most common alternatives to Ipe. If Cumaru is installed properly and in the right climate it can last a long time. We carry large quantities of Premium Cumaru decking.

A Cumaru deck is a nice place to relax and spend time, especially on a warm, breezy afternoon. However, by virtue of its location, this part of the home is exposed to harsh weather conditions that can make its quality and structure deteriorate with time. Here are some of the decking problems and the solutions you can apply to ensure that you enjoy life outdoors.

Water Damage

Whether you have a Cumaru decking or other form of decking, water damage is a serious problem that you cannot ignore. Even so, many homeowners still forgot to check the deck sealing and replace it when necessary. Ideally, the first sealing wears out with time, which eventually leads to water seeping through the wooden planks.

Solution: To test whether your Cumaru decking needs a fresh coat of sealing, sprinkle some water on the wooden boards. If the wood absorbs water, it’s time to reapply sealing. Remember to replace any damaged plank and clean thoroughly before you apply the sealing.

Fading of Color

As far as color goes, the initial shade can change with time when the boards gather dirt, debris, and due to sun exposure. When this happens, the boards appear to lose their color and turn gray. As a homeowner, you would like your deck to maintain its color, which is why you should find a reliable wood cleaner to remove the grime.

Solution: When all the grime and dirt disappear, you should apply wood brightener to restore the color of the Cumaru decking. Remember to seal after using the cleaner and brightener, so water does not seep into the planks. Moreover, sealing will give your Cumaru decking a refreshing look until you treat again.

Wood Rot

This is the worst-case scenario, and it’s common in unprotected decking structures. When a part of your Cumaru decking begins to rot, structural integrity is at stake. Besides, rot affects the beauty of the structure. If the structure shows signs of decay after sealing, check where the water comes from, especially after a storm.

Solution: Most likely, it’s a gutter issue, so you should check with downspout technicians to find out whether one of the structures channels water to a specific area of the deck. Rot can also happen around the difficult-to-seal areas such as handrails or stairs. The best solution is to call an expert for inspection, repair, and possible sealing to prevent the problem from recurring.

Board Gaps

Some types of wood may shrink with time as they dry up. This may create warping and unnecessary warping in the Cumaru decking.

Solution: The best and only remedy to this problem is to replace all the affected planks with better boards. Hardwood planks are often safe from this problem.

Structural Weakness

This problem is common where an inexperienced technician constructs the structure. If your Cumaru decking shakes or gives in when you walk upon it, you should call an expert to examine it for structural weakness.

Solution: Call an expert for possible repair.

A good Cumaru decking increases the value of your property. Watch out for these problems and once identified, apply the necessary solution. You will have peace of mind, which is worth more than the cost.

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