Hardwood Lumber for Decking

There are really two different types of hardwood lumber for decking. The first is domestic hardwood decking such as alder or maple. The second type is exotic hardwood decking such as Ipe and Garapa. We specialize in the exotic hardwood lumbers mainly because they are simply better wood for decking. You will find a small list below here of the different species. The exotic species below here mostly come from Brazil.

The most noticeable difference between domestic and exotic hardwoods lumber is the density and lifespan. Exotic hardwoods such as Ipe can be as much as 3 times denser than their domestic counterparts. The bottom line is if you want the longest-lasting, most durable, bug resistant wood you choose Exotic hardwood lumber.

Domestic Hardwood Decking
Exotic Hardwoods Decking
Ash Ipe
Alder Cumaru
Aromatic Cedar Tigerwood
Birch Garapa
Cherry Massaranduba
Eastern White Pine
Hard Maple
Red Oak
Soft Maple
White Oak