Massaranduba Decking

Massaranduba is also known as Brazilian Redwood

SPECIES Approximate Weight per MBF at 10% MC Modulus of Rupture (psi) Modulus of Elasticity (1000 psi) Maximum Crushing Strength (psi) Side Hardness (lbs) Shear (psi)
Massaranduba 6,400 27,300 3,450 11,640 3,190 2,500

Massaranduba Decking WoodIt is an exotic Brazilian wood which is one of the most robust, durable and easily sustainable natural decking material in the market. Massaranduba woods grow in numerous areas in South America. Its rich, dark red coloring allows it to feel warm and comfortable.

To maintain the stunning beautiful color, you need to reapply ultraviolet inhibitors and oil finishing. The wood can be used adjacent to water without the water being contaminated since it is free from harmful chemicals. Due to its perfect features, it is highly recommended for exterior decking.

Features of Brazilian Massaranduba Wood


Massaranduba decking comes in different colors ranging from dull plum red to light brown. It has an excellent smooth texture with straight, nonobvious grains. After two to three months the woods slightly starts turning into an ipe brown color.

Ease of Use

The decking wood planes to an even, smooth surface. It is easy to nail, however, screw pre-boring is required for a more fabulous look during the decking process. Massaranduba decking is the best wood to use for building a deck, due to its lack of knots and straight consistency.

Drying and Shrinkage

Before installation of the Brazilian wood decking, it is dried in the kiln to balance the moisture content. The wood is also naturally seasoned while kiln drying to avoid shrinkage.


To preserve the natural brown color ultraviolet inhibitors and Messmer’s deck oil are used. However, you can avoid treating the decking wood to allow it to weather to a stunning silver-grey color naturally. Additionally, sealers application is optional.


The drying process of the wood is slow therefore you will need to avoid cracks when decking. The Massaranduba decking can face challenges in some climates. In extreme weather, the wood can be subjected to wood warping while decking. However, the issue is controllable with preservative and preventive maintenance.


Massaranduba decking, wood is highly resistant to decay, wood damaging insects, rot, and mold. It also requires low maintenance and can last for more than twenty years. Finally, it produces a unique, beautiful reddish brown color for an accentuated look.

Installation of Deck


Ensure that you allow room for ventilation under the deck while planning for the deck layout. It helps to maintain the long beauty and durability of the Massaranduba decking.


After selecting your Massaranduba decking you need to choose whether to use screws or hidden clasps, which conceals the screws. However, the fasteners are a little costly, but some feel spending on the hidden fasteners is a good investment as the deck will last for years.

Support Beams

The most used lumber for joists, posts, and beams is the pressure treated pine wood. The material is cheap and is protected from climatic changes by Massaranduba decking. Therefore, drastically prolonging the expected life of the lumber post.

Finally when you want a strong, durable decking, with wood that has a fine and uniform texture, excellent bending capabilities and long lifetime, Massaranduba wood is perfect for the job.

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