What is Ipe?

Ipe Wood Decking, also called Brazilian walnut (Pronounced E-Pay), is a beautiful exotic wood from Central and South America. It is hands down the best choice you can make for your new deck. We welcome you to read all about why Ipe should be the material you use for commercial and residential projects. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions. We love to teach people about this amazing wood!

What makes Ipe Decking the best choice?

Ipe wood is known best for being some of the hardest, strongest, and most naturally resistant to rot, abrasion, weather, and insects. Ipe is one of the longest lasting woods in some cases well over 75 years.

How Much Maintenance Does Ipe Wood Require?

Extremely low maintenance, in fact, no maintenance if you like it to be grey.  If you prefer to have it keep its natural colors you will only need to apply a U.V. Coating.

What is so Different about Ipe Decking?

Unlike almost every other wood, it does not contain almost any knots. Even when compared to composites it lasts longer and has less maintenance. Great around water, such as pools and docks as it is so dense water does not penetrate it.

What Sizes are available in Ipe?

Many different lengths, widths, and sizes are available for immediate purchase. Naturally scratch resistant.

How Strong is Ipe?

Ipe is one of the strongest woods available, 2.7 times harder than even White Oak. Known as one of the strongest woods in the world.

Is it hard to install Ipe?

Ipe decking is easy to install with simple pre-drilling or you can use special screws made by Camo. Class

Is Ipe Decking Mold & Fungi resistant?

Yes. Naturally slip resistant, tested over time and proven to be best for commercial and residential projects.  Easily used with almost any hidden fastener systems.

Is Ipe Decking Expensive?

Ipe has one of the lowest annual and lifetime cost is one of the lowest of any woods. It is also comparably priced with inferior wood and synthetic products.

Additional video information on what Ipe Decking is and why it is the best choice for you or your customer’s next project.