Terms and Conditions

By purchasing lumber from Ipe Woods USA, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Fast Shipping:

Orders are usually shipped 3-7 business days from when payment has cleared our account(s). We strive to make our customers happy. If you need your order rushed, just let us know so that we can accommodate you to the best of our ability. Orders that require custom milling will require an additional 5 business days (i.e. shiplap, rainscreen, pregrooved, and t&g). To calculate exactly what business days are, you can use this business day calculator

We understand that frequently customers have specific requirements for jobs, and we are happy to assist you. Sometimes we will take an order if we know we have inventory coming in, and it may take a little longer.  If you have specific time requirements, be sure to tell us because we want you to get the wood you need in a timely manner.

Another option we use–can often reduce shipping times by paying an additional fee to a different carrier. Usually, this is because carriers have different lanes they specialize in, so we can find a freight carrier with a shorter shipping time. We can also set up guaranteed delivery dates (for a fee paid to the freight carrier) with the shipping company. The bottom line is–we want you to be happy.  The way to accomplish this is to be clear with us about your time requirements, and we can work to ensure that it is delivered within the time frame specified. Your success is our success, so just let us know.

Unloading Shipment: Business or LTL shipments that go to a dock will require the ability to unload the lumber and accessories with a bobcat or forklift. Default shipping is always customer unloading. We are able to provide additional special services for a fee. any agreed-upon additional services will be specifically outlined on your invoice.

Ipe Woods USA is not responsible for any expenses resulting from shipping incurred by the customer that is not the direct result of Ipe Woods USA’s actions. This includes but is not limited to labor for unloading, missed deliveries, liftgate fees, expenses or fees not agreed to in writing, or any other fees or expenses not explicitly accepted by Ipe Woods USA in writing. Before making any commitments to your customers, we would recommend having the wood in hand, measured properly, with 10% waste, and inspected to ensure any timelines can be met properly. These deadlines are between you (our customer) and your customer and have nothing to do with Ipe Woods USA, and we take no responsibility or liability for such.

The delivery is between you, the customer, and the third-party shipping company. While we can advocate on your behalf, we have absolutely no control over another company or its practices. We do not own the trucks, we do not hire the drivers, and we do not handle scheduling. If you would like to hire your own carrier, you are welcome to do so. The carriers we use are ones we have found to be more reliable and able to handle our lumber products; that is not an endorsement of them. As with anything that deviates from this agreement, any exception to this needs to be in writing and signed by an authorized agent.

For all residential deliveries, the LTL company is only responsible for making the load accessible in the  LTL trailer/truck for removal. The wood owner (you) is responsible for hand unloading the lumber from that position. If you are unable to do this or for larger orders, we recommend you upgrade your service. Any additional fees coming from shipping are the responsibility of the wood owner (you).

Ipe is an extremely dense wood, making it very heavy. The best and least expensive way to ship Ipe is by LTL carrier to a loading dock or LTL terminal. However, if that loading dock is not the final destination and you do not have a way to transport it after it reaches that loading dock, it can be extremely difficult to move again to your final destination.

We are able to customize shipping quotes. But if the service requires anything specific other than 53′ Semi delivery to curbside, you will need to notify us, and it should be reflected on the quote. It is no problem for us to add special requests; they just cost a bit more but make the long-term planning much smoother. No verbal promises of special delivery requests will be valid. Make sure it is included in your quote or in a letter from an authorized agent. If the shipping is more than what was quoted in your order, we will contact you. If any additional shipping charges arise (from requests you the customer makes to the shipping company), you will be liable for those charges. These charges include but are not limited to storage fees, lift-gate fees, and detention fees. You will also need to notify us if a semi-truck can not make it to your location and pay for a limited-access truck. The semi-trucks are typically 53′ long and require the ability to turn around; the determination of if it is safe or if it is feasible to maneuver is made by the driver and shipping company at the time of delivery.  If for some reason, we are not notified of limited access, you will need to unload at the nearest location available, or it will be sent to a local terminal or returned (in this event of delivery refusal protocol as outlined below will then take place). All fees associated with shipping will be the sole responsibility of the customer. To see what fees may apply to your load, contact the shipping company prior to requesting any additional services. If you are in doubt, we recommend contacting us so we can review and prevent problems from arising. 

In the event of damage during shipping, get a written acknowledgment from the shipping company at the time you receive the shipment. You can do this by writing it on the delivery form you sign or having them give you documentation acknowledging it. The wood became your property when purchased; we load your purchased wood and give it to the shipping company. If there is damage, you must file a claim with the shipping company. If there is unseen damage, you usually have 4-10 days to file a claim for “concealed” damage, but this varies per shipping company. 

It is your responsibility to mark any missing or damaged products at the time of delivery, and signing the shipping document is a contract between you and the shipping company acknowledging, unless marked otherwise, that the load is in good condition and undamaged. If you are unable to inspect the full load due to the size and manpower or just maybe it is dark outside, mark “further inspection required.” You would think we would not have to say this, but you or your representative should NOT SIGN A LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT STATING THE LOAD IS IN GOOD CONDITION AND ALL THERE IF IT IS NOT! THIS IS YOUR, THE RECEIVER, RESPONSIBILITY WHEN RECEIVING IT.

Never let the shipping company leave without noting anything of concern. Including but not limited to missing or damaged boards. If you do not have a packing slip, or one is missing, please use your order as a reference to what should be included and mark anything missing. All lumber will be shipped together in one shipment unless specifically stated otherwise.

We try to prevent the straps used to secure loads from indenting the top boards, but sometimes there will be small indent marks. These boards can be flipped over, and the dent marks will not show. These boards are not considered damaged unless the dent affects the other face. The straps can also result in some marks that are usually easily removed and may require light sanding. We also sometimes have to do things like step on boards, move them in a way that causes no real damage, just superficial, and even sometimes the wrap can come off and cause small scuffing. If this is the case, we recommend using 60-80 grit sandpaper. This also applies to small scratches or other defects that may occur in transportation. Anything that can be removed with a light layer of sanding is not considered defective. 

The customer agrees that they have measured their project and has ordered the recommended 10% of waste and/or 10% extra for specific length boards or at least one extra board, whatever is greater. This is especially important for exotic lumber that requires shipping so that if a few boards are damaged, or a few boards have quality concerns that it does not require a second shipment. In order to help prevent our customers from incurring additional delays in projects and additional shipping charges, this is vitally important. When there may be a few boards that have damage or quality concerns, we may just refund those few boards to prevent unnecessary delays, unnecessary expenses, and unnecessary time expenditure.

Most hardwoods are sanded but may require light sanding. If this is the case, we recommend using 60-80 grit sandpaper. 

Every shipment comes and defaults to the carrier’s Limited Liability Insurance.  This is determined by each of the different carriers and shipping methods. This may not cover the entire cost of your wood if damaged. Additional shipping insurance is offered by carriers for a fee. Contact us when placing your order if you wish to purchase this additional insurance. The customer agrees that damage during transportation is in no way the fault of Ipe Woods USA, unless marked by the shipping company at the time of pickup. All damage claims must go through carrier insurance.

No shipping address on file: If we are left with a shipment that we have no delivery address or an address we can not get the customer to verify a shipping address, we will contact you by any means we have to get this information. However, if we do not receive a delivery address for any reason, we will start charging storage when it is ready for shipment until storage exhausts the cost of the lumber minus restocking, at which time we will restock the lumber, and the customer will not be reimbursed any payment(s).

Delivery Refusals: If you (the customer or your agents) refuse delivery for any reason other than something agreed on in writing, you (the customer) will be liable for all shipping, delivery, re-delivery, and/or even any return shipping fees. It can not be emphasized enough that all deliveries are curbside unless stated otherwise and even if stated otherwise at the sole discretion of the shipping company. This means that it will not be delivered inside, down private driveways, or otherwise. Only to drive the delivery truck to the main road and allow you to unload at the curb. Any refusal is also subject to restocking fees of 50%, and although a refusal may be automatically attempted to be returned to the original shipping address, it may need to be reconsigned to another address for space, legal compliance, and/or logistical reasons. Any and all shipping fees associated with a refusal will be the sole responsibility of the customer on top of the restocking fee. Please understand that we will work with any customer that follows our agreement to ensure they get what they paid for and in the condition agreed to. This clause protects us from customers rejecting loads for no reason, allows shipping companies insurance to be responsible for any missing or damage they have caused, and prevents both parties from incurring unnecessary fees associated with shipping and restocking.

Drivers may not help and have no obligation to place freight outside of the truck. It is a “curbside” delivery. Not all roads are suitable for large trucks. If the truck cannot go all the way to the delivery location, it will be delivered to the nearest location suitable for the truck to deliver. At this time, we do not offer inside delivery.

Shipping charge: We always attempt to get you the lowest price on shipping. We have no control over shipping costs. If a shipping carrier increases shipping costs or if misquoted by more than 5% from what you were charged, we reserve the right to obtain payment for the difference.  In the event of a misquote, we will contact you prior to completing the order.

Inventory: We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason, including but not limited to an error in shipping charges, error in the product price, and out-of-stock. We also process orders in order of secured payment (this means cleared checks, not checks received). We reserve the right to fully refund customers if inventory has become unavailable for any reason.

Deposits: Deposits on future orders are non-refundable. If the remaining balance is not received within 30 days of the first request, the deposit and any lumber will be forfeited. Please note that up to this 30-day period, any and all storage fees will still be assessed as defined in the storage fee section.

Premium (Default) Grading Rules:

-Wormholes are allowed on 1 face only as long as it is 3% or less, Sapwood is not permitted anywhere in the center of the board.

-Milling defects will be accepted in 1 face as long as it does not change the structure of the board. I.E. Width and Thickness.

-Grain Tear-Out is permitted as long as the board remains smooth

-Closed knots are permitted as long as it does not exceed 3% of the defects on any of the boards

-Knots that are open are not permitted on either face

-No burn marks are permitted on either face

Deck Tiles:

The customer understands that deck tiles can vary in height and length. For instance, some are 38mm tall, and some are 42mm tall. Some are half an inch shorter on the 24×48, so it would be technically 47.5″. This is important if you are trying to match order and important for measuring. If your order is all at the same time, we will match for you. If, however, you are doing an add-on order or matching existing tiles, you will need to specify exactly and confirm exact measurements with us.


The customer understands that on larger boards, especially over 3″, cracks can occur due to the outside drying faster than the inside of the boards. For more information, see here.

Lowest Price Guarantees: We strive to be the lowest price by shopping competitors and putting our product up for equal or less. If in the unlikely event, we can not match or beat a price, we will send a gift card for stumping us. Limit one per person and/or business and at the sole discretion of Ipe Woods USA. Only valid on equal products and shipping. Must provide competitor quote prior to purchase, giving us the opportunity to match or beat said quote.

To receive a gift card, email [email protected] with 1) Your name, 2) the Address for the gift card, and 3) The officially written purchase receipt that we did not beat with a copy of the delivery receipt/BOL/Proof of Delivery for the competing company.

Shipping Guarantees: Ipe Woods USA does not and can not guarantee any delivery times. We use the best information we have at the time of processing to determine delivery. However, we are not the shipping companies and cannot and will not be held liable for delays for any reason, including milling problems, weather, seasonal delays, or any other reason for a delay.  Any exception to this policy needs to be in writing and signed by an authorized agent of Ipe Woods USA. No text, email, or verbal agreement nullifies this. We always do the best we can to ensure customer satisfaction to the best of our ability. If you need guaranteed delivery, get it in writing and signed by an authorized agent of Ipe Woods USA.

As industry-standard lumber has different nominal & net dimensions Note that material is not cut to length and could be longer, so you can square the ends to the exact length on site. Please visit the Ipe wood sizes page to fully understand how lumber is sized.

The salesperson (s) or any employee(s) are not authorized agent(s) and are oftentimes not experts in materials, treatments, quality, grading,  installation, or other things pertaining to lumber and its installation. Salespersons do not speak for Ipe Woods USA, and the advice given is solely that of their personal opinion and should be verified by an expert. Often times salesperson(s) will try to help from their personal experiences. However, each project is different, and each load of lumber is different. For official advice, you should contact an expert such as Architects, Engineers, and/or Certified Grading Inspectors and not depend on any lumber salesperson(s) or any employee(s). Any advice from Ipe Woods USA needs to be in writing and signed by an authorized agent(s); please note that in general, we do not give official advice, but just general guidelines as each situation should be assessed separately and with someone on site. The information contained on this site is meant to be used as a reference only and is not to be interpreted as a guarantee of any sort. All information on the site is only generalized recommendations. We are not and will not be held liable for improper installation or lumber treatment, for any reason, including but not limited to information inaccuracy. Again, consult a professional for all things related to installation.


Your order is very important to us! Ipe is a very dense and costly wood to ship and mill. We may have had to alter the lumber for your special order.

Due to the nature of our business, we are unable to guarantee any returns or exchanges. In a rare or extenuating circumstance that we would make the exception to this rule (at our sole discretion) the guidelines below would apply. This rare or extenuating circumstance would be for defective or damaged items and require prior approval prior to return.

Any agreement made needs to be in writing and signed by us.  You must get it in writing! Verbal agreements will not be accepted. Nor should any verbal agreements be made. If accepted, we reserve the right to issue a refund for the cost you paid for the boards rather than replace any boards for any reason (shipping will not be refunded). 

Order Errors: In the extremely rare event a customer receives an error in their order, the following terms shall apply.

Decking, Siding, Fencing: If the customer receives non-grooved boards when they ordered pregrooved/grooved. We will provide the proper router bits to groove the boards on site and issue a refund for the amount paid for grooving. This amount shall not exceed $0.50 per linear foot. Should a customer have ordered T&G or Rainscreen and received eased-edge, the customer has the responsibility to document it with photos and will have the option to reject the load at the expense of Ipe Woods USA. Should any rejection arrive back to us that was improperly rejected in accordance with this clause, the rejection clauses of this agreement will still apply. The determination of what is improper is at the sole discretion of Ipe Woods USA and only determined by an authorized person within 7 business days of the rejected load being received.

Flooring: If the customer orders prefinished and receives unfinished flooring, or if the customer ordered unfinished and receives prefinished, the customer has the responsibility to document it with photos, and the customer has the option to reject the load at the expense of Ipe Woods USA. Should any rejection arrive back to us that was improperly rejected in accordance with this clause, the rejection clauses of this agreement will still apply. The determination of what is improper is at the sole discretion of Ipe Woods USA and only determined by an authorized person within 7 business days of the rejected load being received.


We can not take unauthorized returns. You are important to us, we thrive on repeat business. Ipe Woods USA, LLC may, at its sole discretion, make an exception and allow a return. You will need to obtain an authorization number from us for this return. Any return shall be at the Buyer’s sole risk and expense to include freight to and from the supplier and a restocking fee of 20-25% of the total sale (not deposit) dependent upon the product. Restocking is included in these terms even if the items have not yet been shipped. This is because we may have altered boards or broken bundles that devalue the product or cause us more logistical issues. Services that are done at the customer’s discretion, including any milling, moving lumber, even in warehouses to reach other lumber, any packaging, and/or crating, are non-refundable. We do not accept unauthorized returns.

To be eligible for a return (if applicable), your lumber must be unused or not altered (NOT CUT, DRILLED, DAMAGED, OR MODIFIED IN ANY WAY).

To complete your return, we require an invoice or proof of purchase. 

Should any load from Ipe Woods USA be accepted for Rejection, Refund, Cancellation, Exchange, or anything other that requires it to be returned, then the customer agrees they will have the responsibility to ensure the load is returned to a truck for return that is booked by Ipe Woods USA. Ipe Woods USA is not responsible for any expenses resulting from shipping, packaging, labor, or otherwise incurred by the customer. The customer acknowledges it does not have the ability to bind Ipe Woods USA to any financial responsibility without the mutual consent of both parties. Any agreement made must be in writing and approved by an Authorized Agent.

Quality Claim

While extremely rare, if you believe that the lumber you received for any reason does not meet our premium grading guidelines, you may submit a quality claim form. We will review your submission and send you a response of acceptance, denial, proposed resolution, or inquiry for more information within 7 days of receiving it.

Quality claims must be submitted within five days of receiving the lumber. Salespersons or any employee that is not an authorized agent(s) that work for or on behalf of Ipe Woods USA are not authorized to handle quality claims. Our quality claim process starts when the form is submitted. This process enables us to assess the situation and determine the legitimacy of the claim through a group of experts rather than a potential unqualified individual.  

If a customer uses multiple distributors for the same species of lumber on a single job site, quality claims need to be filed within 1 business day of receiving it. This is because once there is a mix of materials, it is impossible to determine the origin.

Any claim extending past 7 days without communication will be considered closed. The exception to this is a pending inspection that has been scheduled, and this has been disclosed to all parties.

Refunds (if applicable):

The address for return may differ from the address lumber was sent from. It also differs from our office address. You will need to get the correct return address prior to shipping any returns. This will be included in the return acceptance letter we send you. All products remain your property until we accept them in writing directly to you. Acceptance of a shipment is not an acceptance of ownership or responsibility for storage. If you ship us lumber, we will accept or decline the refund in writing. If it is rejected, then it is your responsibility to ship and/or remove the lumber (from our or our affiliate property). We accept no responsibility for storing your lumber in any specific condition. Lumber left on our property or affiliate property will be considered abandoned after 30 days from being rejected in writing.

Update: The credit card processing fee is no longer returned by the processor in any situation. This fee does not exceed 3% but will no longer be returned unless the refund is found to be due to a fault of our own. This is not a fee that we are charging but one that is charged to us by the credit card processing company. This fee will be added to any other fees as stated in these terms and conditions.

Exchanges (if applicable):

The address for return may differ from the address lumber was sent from. It also differs from our office address. You will need to get the correct return address prior to shipping any exchanges. We only will replace items if they are defective. Lumber varies in color, grain, and other conditions naturally. That does not make it defective. We try to sell only the highest quality Ipe wood and/or specifically note defective or low-quality lumber prior to shipping. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at [email protected] prior to shipping it back. We can help to determine the location to send exchanges back to, so please contact us.


As soon as your order is processed, we quickly (sometimes automatically or within minutes) have already ordered products from vendors and incurred irreversible fees. Therefore we can not guarantee acceptance of any cancellation. If any cancellation is accepted, restocking and other fees may apply. Any exception to our no-cancellation policy must be in writing and signed by an authorized agent of Ipe Woods USA.

FSC Certified:

The customer understands that only the products specifically identified as FSC® on this site, in our emails, or in any document are FSC® certified. FSC® Lumber requires a special quote.


The address for return may differ from the address lumber was sent from. It also differs from our office address. You will need to get the correct return address prior to shipping.  Shipping costs to and from the return and/or exchange location are non-refundable. Contact us so that we can set up a discounted rate for your return or exchange shipping. Shipping charges arising from returns, exchanges, and cancellations are the responsibility of the customer.

Shipping times vary based on the location we send it from an LTL carrier.

We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item. So buy insurance and tracking when returning an item.

Storage Fees Prior to Shipment: Ipe Woods USA and its affiliates, in some rare circumstances such as limited space at a customer’s job site and/or remaining payment is due before shipment, we will allow lumber that is ready for shipment to be stored for a short time on our site, including shipments waiting for final payment. After 5 days or unless agreed to by an authorized agent in writing, storage will be assessed at $100 a day for the first 7 days and $200 a day thereafter for loads up to 10,000lbs and $300 a day for the first 7 days and $600 a day thereafter for loads exceeding 10,000lbs. If the lumber value customer paid is exceeded by the storage fee, we reserve the right to retain ownership of the lumber at that time, and the customer agrees to forfeit ownership in this event without compensation. Time will start from the first documented email, phone call, or text to notify the customer that lumber is ready and/or the first request for final payment. This clause does not affect storage fees assessed by carriers or refused and/or returned loads, only loads waiting on final payment or other agreed-upon terms authorized by an authorized agent in writing prior to shipment. We do not want loads clogging our docks, and we do not accept orders where it could disrupt our operations by having lumber blocking our bays. Customers understand they should have the final payment ready when the order is ready to ship.

Salespersons or employees working for or on behalf of Ipe Woods USA are not authorized to warranty any products sold. Any agreement made by Ipe Woods USA needs to be written and signed by an authorized agent of Ipe Woods USA.

Tax: Each State has different tax laws, and it is you, the customer responsibility to ensure that tax is paid in accordance with your state’s tax laws. Most of our customers, being contractors, should have a tax exemption certificate for the purpose of resale to the end customer to whom you will charge sales tax.

The laws regarding all sales set forth in this contract will be governed by the State of Utah.

It’s your right to write a bad review, but we work hard to ensure 100% satisfaction, and we want the chance to make anything right. The customer agrees to allow Ipe Woods USA the opportunity to correct any issues in regards to the order prior to posting any negative or potentially negative reviews online or relaying negative views about Ipe Woods USA to any third party as outlined herein.  If any portion of these issues is resolved or any compensation is given, including but not limited to waiving policies set forth in this agreement, such as accepting a return, the customer agrees not to post any negative or potentially negative reviews. If the issue stated is covered by these terms of service, I.E., shipping, delivery time, returns, or any other, the customer agrees not to post or make any negative or potentially negative statements unless there was a violation of our Terms of Service. The customer agrees that, while we do not prevent any customer from posting what they believe to be true and accurate reviews, if the review is found to be untrue by a mediator/court or was not made specifically available for our remediation as outlined herein, or compensation was given or was correctly covered in our terms of service, but you still post a negative review,  that no less than $15,000 in damages will have been suffered per occurrence on top of mediation and/or court costs incurred to recoup this. Simply, the customer agrees to email us at [email protected] with the title being “100% Satisfaction” if you are not 100% satisfied so that we may address any and all issues in accordance with this paragraph and allow us three business days to respond. This email will ensure your concerns are channeled to the right person; even if you think you are dealing with the right person, you need to send this email as you may not be. Salespeople and other agents of Ipe Woods USA are not always equipped to handle escalated issues. We also want to have the opportunity for any issues to be reviewed by a third party and/or counsel to ensure our standards and commitments have been met. Simply include 1. What you are asserting is that Ipe Woods USA did wrong or is in violation of this agreement. 2. What a satisfactory resolution is for the issues presented (please note this agreement contains agreed-upon remedies for some situations). We sincerely thank you for the opportunity to make anything right! We will always go the extra mile to honor our agreement and make sure the customer receives the product they ordered.

If a dispute arises out of or relates to this agreement or the breach thereof, and if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiation, the parties agree first to try in good faith to settle the dispute by mediation administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Mediation Procedures before resorting to litigation, or some other dispute resolution procedure. 

Attorney Fees. In any litigation, arbitration, or other proceedings by which one party either seeks to enforce its rights under this Agreement (whether in contract, tort, or both) or seeks a declaration of any rights or obligations under this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be awarded its reasonable attorney fees, and costs and expenses incurred.

Authorized Agent(s)

To obtain authorization(s) from an authorized agent, please email [email protected] requesting an authorized agent. Salespersons, affiliates, or employees working for or on behalf of Ipe Woods USA are not “Authorized Agents.” Within 7 days of your email requesting an authorized agent, you will receive an email confirming who will be assigned an authorized agent for your order. 

Confidential Information:

In the course of doing business with us, you may see private and confidential information, such as warehouses, vendors, customers, shipping companies, employee data, and other sensitive or potentially sensitive information. All information and data obtained from Ipe Woods USA are considered private and confidential and any dissemination, publication, or copying is strictly prohibited and needs prior approval from an Authorized Agent in writing.

Minimum Order

Currently, we require a minimum order of $2,000. All orders received under this are subject to a fee of up to $300.

We sometimes will make an exception to let customers complete projects. Please note there is a fee to do this based on what the order is. Also, please note that if we make an exception to this minimum order, we do not plant trees as per our 5-trees-planted program for every order.


There are a lot of different types of machines we use for milling. Because of this, there can be variations in actual thickness and width due to how the machines interact with the wood.  If your project requires an exact dimension, please contact us otherwise, parties agree to up to 9% difference between projected and actual. If there is a change to this agreement, please be sure to get it in writing.

Rainscreen Siding

The customer understands that rainscreen milling may be different than the profiles shown on the website. If there is a specific profile that needs to be used, it should be contained on the invoice.

Matching Profiles

The customer understands that we use different machines and that if they need a profile to match another profile, they will need that indicated on their invoice.  Even if the customer is ordering an add-on, they need to specify that it is to match the previous order and have that indicated on the invoice. Customer understands that if they can request a profile for signing off on prior to milling to ensure that the profile(s) are correct, otherwise default profiles will be used.


Same-Day Service Guarantee

We always want to make sure our customers are taken care of. We offer a same-day service guarantee. This means the same business day (within 10 business hours). If we break this guarantee, we will send you a gift card. Limit one per customer. Just another way to show our commitment to you, the customer.

California Residents

WARNING: Drilling, sawing, sanding, or machining wood products can expose you to wood dust, a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer. Avoid inhaling wood dust or use a dust mask and/ or other safeguards for personal protection. For more information, go to

Ipe Woods USA reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice.


Ipe Woods USA is not affiliated with every brand listed on our site. Sometimes brands are just listed due to interest in our industry. Other times we make informative informational comparisons for the customer’s benefit of accessories for Ipe.