Terms and Conditions

Fast Shipping:

Ipe Woods USA Freight

Orders are usually shipped 1-5 business days from when the order is placed. We strive to make our customer happy. If you need your order rushed let us know so that we can accommodate you to the best of our ability. We understand that often times you have specific requirements for jobs and we are happy to assist you. Sometimes we will take an order if we know we have inventory coming in and it may take a little longer, if you have specific requirements be sure to tell us, we want you to get the wood you want when you want.

Additional Shipping

Unloading Shipment:

Business freight deliveries or freight deliveries that are dock to dock, require the receiving party to remove the product from the truck via a loading dock or with a forklift.
For residential deliveries, the freight company is responsible to place the material at the tailgate of the truck. The wood owner (you) is responsible to hand unload it from that position. If you are unable to do this or for larger orders we recommend you upgrade and get lift gate service. Any additional fees coming from shipping are the responsibility of the wood owner (you).

Ipe is an extremely dense wood, making it very heavy. The best and least expensive way to ship ipe is by LTL carrier to a loading dock or LTL terminal. However, if that loading dock is not the final destination and you do not have a way to transport it after it reaches that loading it can be extremely difficult to move again to your final destination.

If the shipping is more than what was quoted in your order we will contact you. If it is less than we will simply issue a refund in the amount of difference on request.

If any additional shipping charges arise from requests you the customer makes to the shipping company you will be liable for those charges.

In the event of damage, get a written acknowledgment from the shipping company at the time you receive the shipment. The wood becomes your property when we load it and give it to the shipping company. If there is damage you will need to file a claim with the shipping company. If there is unseen damage you usually have 10 days to file a claim for “concealed” damage.

Delivery Refusal
If you the customer refuse a delivery for any reason other than something agreed on in writing, you the customer will be responsible for all shipping and re-delivery and or return shipping fees. It is important to note that freight deliveries are always curbside. Curbside means next to the curb on the street.

Drivers are not obligated to deliver freight into driveways or garages.

Inside delivery is not available.

Shipping charge:

We always attempt to get you the lowest price on shipping. We have no control over shipping costs. If a shipping carrier increases shipping cost or if misquoted by more than 5% from what you were charged, we reserve the obtained payment for the difference.  In the event of a misquote we will contact you prior to completing the order.


We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason including but not limited to an error in shipping charges, error in product price and out of stock.


Deposits on future orders are non-refundable.

Premium Decking Grading Rules:

  • 3% of wormholes are allowed in 1 face only, on clear face holes are only allowed on the edge- within the extra 1″
  • Sapwood and “stained sapwood” are allowed only on edges of 1 face, the other face needs to be free of sapwood or stains **** Sapwood is not allowed in the middle of the board, and sapwood with pin holes are not allowed****
  • Milling defects are only accepted in 1 face of the board if it has been sanded and it doesn’t change the structure of the board (width and thickness) ****milling defects that change the structure of the board are not accepted in neither face, only on the extra 1” of the board****
  • Grain Tear Out- as long the pieces are smooth, but it will be considered within the 3%-5% of total defect’s tolerance
  • Closed knots are only accepted in 1 face and as long as it doesn’t exceed the 3% of defects within the board
  • Open knots are not allowed in either face
  • Burn marks are not allowed in either face
  • End seal has to be a thick wax or paraffin; liquid gel is not allowed
  • Warp, Bow, Crook, Cup or any variation of shall not exceed 1/8″ per foot

Lowest Price Guarantees

We strive to be the lowest price by shopping competitors and putting our product up for equal or less. If in the unlikely event we can not match or beat a price we will send a gift card for stumping us. Limit one per person and/or business and at the sole discretion of Ipe Woods USA. Only valid on equal products.


Your order is very important to us! Ipe is a very dense and costly wood to ship and mill. We may have had to alter the lumber for your special order.

Due to the nature of our business, we are unable to guarantee any returns or exchanges. In a rare or extenuating circumstance that we would make the exception to this rule (at our sole discretion) the guidelines below would apply. This rare or extenuating circumstance would be for defective or damaged items and require prior approval prior to return.

Any agreement made needs to be in writing and signed by us.  Get it in writing! No verbal agreements will be accepted. Nor should any verbal agreements be made.


We can not take unauthorized returns. You are important to us, we thrive on repeat business. Ipe Woods USA, LLC may, at its sole discretion, make an exception and allow a return. You will need to obtain an authorization number from us for this return. Any return shall be at the Buyer’s sole risk and expense to include freight to and from the supplier and a restocking fee of 20-25% dependent upon the product. Restocking includes if the items have not yet been shipped. This is because we may have altered boards or broken bundles that devalue the product or cause us more logistical issues. Services that are performed including milling, pulling to specification, packaging, and crating are non-refundable. We do not accept unauthorized returns.

To be eligible for a return (if applicable), your lumber must be unused or altered (NOT CUT DRILLED OR MODIFIED IN ANY WAY).

To complete your return, we require an invoice or proof of purchase.

Refunds (if applicable):
The address for return may differ from the address lumber was sent from. It also differs from our address. You will need to get the correct return address prior to shipping any returns. This will be included in the return acceptance letter we send you. All products remain your property until we accept it in writing directly to you. Acceptance of a shipment is not acceptance of ownership or responsibility for storage. If you ship us lumber, we will accept or decline the refund in writing. If it is rejected then it is your responsibility to ship and/or remove the lumber from our or our affiliate property. We accept no responsibility to store your lumber in any specific condition. Lumber left on our property will be considered abandoned after 30 days from being rejected in writing.

Exchanges (if applicable):
The address for return may differ from the address lumber was sent from. It also differs from our address. You will need to get the correct return address prior to shipping any exchanges. We only will replace items if they are defective. Lumber varies in color, grain, and other condition naturally. That does not make it defective. We try to sell only the highest quality Ipe or specifically note defective or low-quality lumber prior to shipping. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at [email protected] prior to shipping it back. We can help to determine the location to send exchanges back to please contact us.

The address for return may differ from the address lumber was sent from. It also differs from our address. You will need to get the correct return address prior to shipping.

Shipping costs to and from are non-refundable.  Contact us so that we can set up a discounted rate for your return or exchange shipping.

Shipping times vary based on location we send it from an LTL carrier.

We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item. So buy insurance and tracking when returning an item.


Minimum Order

Currently, we require a minimum order of $2,000.

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