Ipe Decking Installation

When installing Ipe Decking you have a number of different options.

Considerations When Installing Ipe:

  • What type of surface do you want showing? Smooth, plugged or screws?
  • Are you okay with plugging the screw holes?
  • Do you know what type of screws to use?

1. Hidden Fasteners (recommended):

This method only works with hardwoods like Ipe. We have found that the hidden fastener system that is offered by deck wise is the best to use. It makes it so your boards have no defect from drilling in the top, thus keeping a smoother surface. The hidden fasteners are steel reinforced and last a long time. The installation is among the easiest.

2. Pre-Drill, Screw and Plug

This method requires Ipe plugs. We would recommend using a drill and drive tool that has 3 in 1 for easier and faster installation.

a. Drill 3/8” diameter hole approximately 3/8” deep.

b. Drill 1/8” pilot hole for the stainless trim head screw.

c. Insert screw.

d. Place a couple drops of Polyurethane based Gorilla Glue® on it (or similar).

e. Insert tapered wood plug into hole. Tap slightly with hammer.

f. After glue is dry, chisel the excess plug off. Sand it so the surface is smooth with board surface. Round sander with 80 grit paper is recommended.

3. Pre-Drill and Screw (not recommended).

This option requires no plug, but the face of the screw will still be showing. They do make brown screw heads that will match the Ipe. However if the Ipe fades the color may no longer match.


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