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Dress Up Your Deck: 8 Must-Have Deck Furniture Ideas

Is your home feeling cramped? Maybe you are constantly tripping over guests when you entertain? Expand your home’s livable space by transforming your deck and getting new deck furniture ideas.

Outdoor living rooms and kitchens are all the rage. More people are looking to their backyards to provide them with much needed livable square footage.

People are seeing the value of creating comfortable, livable outdoor spaces in their own backyard. But how do you take your deck to the next level?

Lucky for you, we put together a list of our top 8 deck decor must-haves. Keep reading for deck furniture ideas that will take your space from drab to fab!

1. Firepit

Heat your evenings up as the weather cools down with your own personal firepit.

Firepits are the most popular outdoor feature in American homes.

And we can see why. There is something so calming and conversational about an open fire. Lighting a fire transforms an ordinary night into something memorable.

The backyard firepit trend means there are tons of options for you. Custom fireplace and firepits are also a great option if you want something tailored specifically to your space.

You’ll also need to decide if you want a gas or wood-burning firepit. Wood-burning fire pits are classic. But they can take some effort to light and keep lit.

Gas firepits light quickly and maintain a consistent heat. While wood-burning firepit takes more effort to light and keeps lit.

If you live in an area known for wildfires or droughts opt for a gas firepit. A traditional wood-burning fire pit could be problematic during wildfire season. With a gas fire pit, you can enjoy a fire any-time, even during non-burn days!

2. Hammock

Nothing says relaxation like lounging in a hammock. Americans are among some of the most stressed people in the world. Chronic stress hurts our health and makes life more difficult.

Unwind from your daily tension with a cool drink and a weightless nap!

Hammocks naps provide a number of amazing, stress-busting benefits. The iconic hammock sway melts stress away and eases mental tension.

And say goodbye to stress-related insomnia.

Hammocks help you fall asleep and sleep more deeply. When you sleep on a regular bed your body conforms to its shape. But hammocks conform to your shape, resulting in a zero-pressure point rest.

3. Dining Set

Feeling couped up? Take dinner outside! The right dining set can transform your deck into a second dining room.

It’s tempting to get a large long table if you love dinner parties. But before you start planning a massive dinner soiree figure out how much space you have on your deck for a dining set.

Consider how many people can comfortably and safely fit on your deck along with your other furniture.

Table height is also important when deciding on the overall vibe of your dining space. Lower tables give a more casual feel to a meal. While high tables encourage you to sit upright and feel a bit more formal.

4. Outdoor Sound System

Music sets the mood for your evening. You can unwind with some relaxing ballads or kick it into party mode with a killer playlist. A great outdoor speaker system is indispensable to creating your perfect deck.

There are tons of speakers on the market. Splurge on an amazing outdoor entertainment setup that is completely weather resistant. Or maybe you want smart home outdoor speakers that can integrate with the rest of your smart home appliances.

Just make sure to set your speaker or speakers up in a place that won’t disturb conversations or a nice hammock nap.

5. Light It Up

Great lighting is vital to set the vibe for your newly improved outdoor space.

String lights are an outdoor decor favorite. They are inexpensive, easy to install and create a gorgeous ambiance. Plus there are tons of varieties for every style and budget.

Long strands of globe light provide tons of warm light for a modern bohemian deck. While twinkling fairy lights create a dim and whimsical ambiance.

Combine different lighting features to make your space usable at any hour. Make sure you get brighter task lighting for safety. Your deck’s steps should always be well lit along with any walkways or paths.

6. Comfy Furniture

Comfy cozy furniture is key to creating an inviting outdoor space.

Your outdoor furniture should look and feel comfortable. You want this space to be inviting. Invest in cushy, weather-resistant furniture.

Select furniture that matches the overall aesthetic of your existing deck and yard. For instance, is your space a lush, overgrown bohemian paradise? Or is your deck more modern and minimal?

There’s plenty of weather-resistant furniture available. You’ll be sure to find something that really goes with your style.

7. Cozy Textiles

Select colors and patterns that coordinate with your home’s exterior color and overall decor. You want to use these textiles to enhance the space and create continuity with your interior decor.

Pillows are a great way to make your furniture feel plusher. And they elevate the overall appearance of your outdoor furniture.

Outdoor rugs work wonders for tying your space together. Try a classy rug underneath your dining set for a dignified, cohesive look. Or you use a rug to make your outdoor living room feel more like a living room.

And some people are even hanging sheer curtains around their deck for elegant sun-protection!

8. Make It Shady

Sunny days are best spent in the shade. Make sure you have enough shade installed on your deck so you can fully enjoy it.

It can be as simple as a few well-placed umbrellas. Or you can invest in a nice pop-up gazebo or tent.

Asses your personal shade needs for your space and local weather. You should also select shade options that match your decor and home.

Best Deck Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Your deck is an extension of your home and living space. Make the most of that extra square footage by transforming your deck into an outdoor oasis.

Use our deck furniture ideas and plan your deck do-over today!

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