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10 Tips For Creating Your Very Own Backyard Paradise

Having a great backyard is important for so many reasons. Perhaps most important is to improve your quality of life with an outdoor living space. According to a University of Michigan survey, a beautiful backyard paradise is certain to pay off. For example, home shoppers paid more than 11 percent more for a well-manicured lawn. People desperately want the curb appeal and entertainment space associated with a picturesque yard.

Read on to learn how to create your own backyard paradise. Explore 10 tips so that you can create the backyard of your dreams.

1. Lawn Treatment

Having a backyard full of weeds and dirt does not sound like paradise. One of the easiest things to do is treat your lawn. This involves seeding at least twice a year and regular fertilizer applications.

The end result is going to be a thick and rich-colored lawn. You can DIY or hire a professional lawn treatment company.

A professional company will take additional steps to make your lawn perfect. They may add topsoil to the property or aerate the lawn. The bottom line is that lawn treatment is a relatively inexpensive way to make your backyard look great.

2. Plant Shrubs and Flowers

Beautiful plants and flowers are the hallmarks of many tropical vacations. Now that your grass is forest green, it is time to add some more color. You can do this by planting shrubs and flowers.

This is a relatively cheap investment compared to other major backyard projects. There are so many different types of shrubs, trees, and flowers.

Some homeowners prefer to plant perennial flowers so that they grow back every year. This way you do not need to buy new flowers each year and plant them.

Some flowers, like lavender, attract butterflies that add to the atmosphere. There are other popular shrubs like evergreens that stay active all year long.

3. Add a Living Space

The biggest fad in homeownership is adding an outdoor living space. The foundation for an outdoor living space can be achieved in a few different ways.

There are hardwood and composite decking materials that look great. Some people prefer a deck, while others opt to lay down a paver patio. There are even deck tiles that provide a unique and exotic look.

Even laying down a few tons of small rocks can work if you are on a budget. Either way, the intent is to create an area where your guests can relax.

This is a place to put down reclining chairs and a dining table. Some homeowners buy sofas and loveseats with weatherproof cushions.

4. Incorporate Some Lighting

Now it is time to add some ambiance to your outdoor living space. A simple floodlight is not enough if you plan to enjoy your backyard at night.

The remedy is to add some string lights over top of your outdoor living space. String lights use gentle bulbs that are intended to set a relaxing mood for your guests. They also look great.

You can install string lights using a series of hooks. Some elect to hang the hooks from the house or a 4×4. One popular idea is to insert a 4×4 into a large potter and plant flowers at the base.

Another place to hang your lighting is on a beautiful new fence. Your backyard paradise needs privacy. A wood fence allows for intimate moments with some dim lighting attached to set the mood.

5. Warm Up Your Guests

If a lot of time and money was spent on the backyard, you probably want to use it all year long. However, this becomes more difficult as the seasons change and the temperature drops.

The good news is that you can warm up your guests with some cool outdoor appliances. Of course, there are traditional fire pits to roast marshmallows and cook hot dogs. There are also outdoor heaters and fire tables that use propane gas.

6. Outdoor Speakers

Every vacation paradise has great music playing in the background. Your backyard is going to be no different.

There are outdoor speakers that are commercially available. They are weather-resistant and can be mounted to the siding or any other permanent surface.

7. Outdoor Bar

There are very few tropical paradises that do not include a bar. Adding a bar to your backyard will make your house the place to be.

You will need to decide between a wet or dry bar. A wet bar gives you a sink to rinse dishes.

There are many different commercial bars to choose from. To save money, you can choose a DIY project or design your own bar.

If money is not an issue, you can install a complete kitchen in the backyard. This option comes with items like a refrigerator and a stovetop.

8. Add an Awning or Gazebo

Do not let a little rain ruin your next outdoor event. By adding an awning or large gazebo, the party can continue in spite of the weather.

A gazebo can be acquired for less than an awning. You can take it down and store it inside during the harsh winter months.

An awning likely requires professional installation. An automated awning is remote controlled and can retract after your company departs.

9. Mount a Television

With some protection from the elements, you are ready to add an outdoor television. What better way to enjoy a big football game than watching it outdoors.

This is the perfect complement for your bar and fire pit. You can mount it on the side of the house. There are weather-resistant options that can stay up all-year-round.

To take your outdoor TV to the next level, mount it on some shiplap siding. Made popular by HGTV, shiplap siding is weather-resistant and will surround your outdoor TV with style.

10. Add Some Accessories

Now, put the final touches on your backyard paradise with some cool accessories. For example, a small pond will give guests that relaxing vibe.

Another popular accessory is tiki torches. You can install them in the ground or mount them on a deck railing. There are many great add-ons to elevate your entertainment game.

A Recap of Your Backyard Paradise

Your backyard is like a blank canvas. There are so many upgrades that can make your backyard the place to be.

Taking steps like adding deck tiles or an outdoor TV mounted on shiplap siding are certain to win over guests. If you are interested in designing your backyard paradise, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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