Quality Claim Form

This form is for Ipe Woods USA customers on the rare occasion of a quality claim on the lumber they received. We will ensure that our customers receive the quality and product they purchased or be reimbursed. Please read this brief introduction and follow these instructions. Any claim determined to be valid will either be fixed, refunded, or replaced, which is determined as mutually agreed upon or as outlined in our terms and conditions.

This policy applies only to boards that are not damaged or missing. If any boards are damaged or missing, you must follow the procedures outlined in the freight carrier’s policies and our terms of service to file a claim with the carrier. This information was explained in the delivery email, the checkout page, and the delivery video.

If any damage occurred during delivery, it should have been noted on the proof of delivery (POD). If you were unable to inspect all the lumber, you should have marked “further inspection required” on the POD. It is important that you do not sign for the load as being in good condition if it is not. This includes concealed damage claims. As it is the last time we can have damage verified by a third party.

Once completed, this form will go to Ipe Woods USA for review. Please allow approximately one week to process the completed claims information and respond. We will need to conduct an investigation and compile information, so we know how to proceed. This investigation sometimes requires 3rd party expert review to determine claim validity.

Before starting, please be sure you have a photo(s) along with a reference number (as shown in the example links below this paragraph) on each board you are filing a claim on unless photos can show all boards at the same time and the portion in question. Before taking photos, place ALL tags on the boards. You can achieve this easily with sticky notes, tape, or stickers. If your claim is for incorrect size, use a measuring tape so we can determine board sizes. Do not mark or alter the board directly. Below are two examples of how to mark a board(s) to submit a claim. Claimed boards will be reclaimed if approved; they need to be kept available to ship back to us; they can not be cut, drilled, or modified. They must be shipped back in the original condition they were shipped to you.

Example Tagging:

Each specific quality issue requires a minimum of 2 photos (1) an up-close photo and (2) a photo showing the entire board with measuring tape (with the whole stack if needed). This helps us to identify each board in its entirety and determine the best overall way to proceed. Due to transportation and/or storage, a light layer of sanding may be required to see the board using 60-80 grit sandpaper. If the concern with a board is water marks, dust, dirt, or light scratching, you should sand before taking the pictures to ensure the quality issue is not surface cosmetic.

The information in this form is REQUIRED, including photos as described herein. This documentation is necessary to determine what is being claimed, why it is being claimed, and whether it is valid. Claims received without proper support are subject to denial without notice.

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Please list the sizes (length, width, and thickness), profile (Eased-Edge, Pregrooved Etc...), and quantity of boards in question. I.E. 2/ct 5/4x6 12' Eased-Edge
Please give a brief description of what your claim is about. Detailed description is below.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 100 files.
Upload photos of the board(s) in question.
List the board number in the photo you have submitted and what your quality claim is for that board. I.E. #35 Bent beyond use. #36 Cupped #42 Wrong size.