2018 The Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship


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Next year we will be increasing the scholarship and changing the topic. Thank you to all the applicants.


Caitlan Wallace had just turned 18, when her life was suddenly taken in a fatal car accident on September 29th, 2015. Caitlan was an intelligent, witty, spirited young woman who looked forward to starting adult life and education.

My name is Steven Rossi of Ipe Woods USA. Caitlan was not only my niece, she was also an inspiration to me and our family. Caitlan’s brilliance and charm was the light of our lives. She will not have the opportunity to fulfill her dream of going to College. In Memory of Caitlan Wallace, Ipe Woods USA is offering a College Scholarship in the amount of $1000.

This initial scholarship of $1000 will be offered to someone who needs financial assistance to fulfill their college dreams. Ipe Woods USA is accepting applications with an attached essay to award the first Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship.

Essay requirements for the Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship:
The advent of safe phones, texting, and social media has led to an increase of traffic accidents due to distracted driving. In a two-page essay please discuss the necessity for safe driving and the perils of distracted driving. We ask that this essay be a concisely written creative essay that can be shared in Memory of Caitlan Wallace and her tragic automobile death.

Essay Format:
Use the basic principles of an opinion essay:
An Introduction that previews the 3 essential points of the essay
A Body that discusses each point of your argument for safe driving
A Conclusion that summarizes your points
The essays will be judged on academic excellence, writing style and the concise conveyance of the points you make highlighting the need for safe driving.

The work must be original and unpublished. The writing will be checked for plagiarism and writings that were previously published on any kind of media outlets, including personal blogs, Facebook pages and similar platforms, will not be considered applicable.
The essay must include at least three official and authentic sources to corroborate your argumentation. Once you submit your essay, you give ipewoods.com permission to use it for commercial purposes.

Writing Guidelines:
The essay must follow a logical reasoning as your writing must be based on factual and logical arguments to prove your point.
The writing style is free, as creativity is also evaluated. We welcome and cherish conceptual writing, provided that you follow the aforementioned guidelines of argumentation and remain objective.
The writing must explain a particular point of view and prove it reasonable and logical based on the official sources you have to include on your writing.

The sources that refer to objective statements must be cited as quotations, whilst official data sources, like statistical data, can be simply referred at the end of the writing by an index markers system of your preference, i.e., “1, 2, 3, 4….”; “*, **, ***”.

Both types of sources, either quoted statements or data sources must be referred at the end of the essay in a separate section that must be titled “References”. You must include links for the official websites where the information can be accessed or, in the case of books and other printed media, you must include an extended reference with the number of the page and paragraph where the data or statement can be found, as well as the year of the publication, and the name of the book and the author.

Once again, note that the essay must follow a logical reasoning. Religious books or any other kind of abstract, empiric or non-scientific sources are not valid to corroborate your argumentation and you will be eliminated from the contest. Your essay must be saved as a “.doc” file.

Application Guidelines:
Send us your essay by email to [email protected] with the subject “Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship – YOUR NAME”

In the body of the email include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Telephone number
  • Full name of the school/university you are attending
  • Area of Study
  • You also must submit an official document that proves you are currently studying and associated with your school/university, including an official certification by the institution, as a signature or an official stamp. This document must be scanned with a good resolution and attached to your email.

Review and Winner’s Announcement:
The applied works will be reviewed under the following criteria:

  • Evaluation of the proper grammar usage
  • Evaluation of writing skills
  • Evaluation of creativity
  • Evaluation of argumentation and sources
  • The evaluations will get a grade of excellence based on the performance on the aforementioned criteria. The total highest grade will naturally be selected as the winner
  • The announcement of the winner is made on November 15th. The winner must claim her prize within one month or the second highest grade of the selection will be awarded as the winner.
    To claim the prize, we will contact you and your school/university to prove your association and subsequently, the prize will be sent via check .

Deadline The final date for submission is November 1st 2018, and we will choose the winner by November 15th and the check will be mailed out by November 20th 2018.

Steven Rossi
Ipe Woods USA
In Loving Memory of Caitlan Wallace

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