The Pros and Cons of Using Ipe Wood as Your Decking Material

In case you are looking for the best decking material, you will be taken aback on the number of synthetic and wood decking offered in the market. All decking materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you highly value the durability of the material, then Ipe wood is your ideal choice. With regards to deck building, Ipe is often the primary choice due to its natural beauty, unparalleled strength and intense durability.

The Advantage of Choosing Ipe Wood When Building a Deck

Here are some of the advantages that you can enjoy if you choose an ipe when installing your deck. According to the experts, this hardwood contains properties that are ideal for the outdoors. A deck created from this material will not experience cracking and scratching. It has the ability to last up to 50 years contingent upon the weather condition.


The Ipe wood is definitely unbeatable in terms of durability. Wall Street Journal described it as hard as nails since it is known as the densest wood in the world. In fact, it is also referred as iron wood. It is sustainable and eco-friendly. The surface of this hardwood is highly resistant against insect damage, mildew, and fire. The wood will also contract and expand lesser compared to other decking materials. This will make the surface more uniform that will look aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to longevity, ipe has the ability to last for 50 years or more depending on the weather condition.

Low Amount of Maintenance

The dense surface of the ipe requires a very low maintenance. This is definitely great news to those who wants to avoid the hassle of the strenuous labor. You will also not be exposed on strong chemicals. After building a deck, simply seal it using a rose-oil product. Eliminating spores and grimes should be done annually using hydrogen peroxide. An Ipe wood that is left untreated will gradually transform into a silvery gray shade. In case you want to preserve the natural shade of the hardwood, you may want to apply a brown patina.

Cool Surface

This material has the capacity to retain lesser heat compared to the plastic and composite counterparts. This means that your deck will maintain an ideal level of temperature even during the unforgiving heat of the summer season. As we mentioned above, your Ipe wood will not experience cracking, this means that the possibility of removing the annoying splinter is less likely.

Disadvantages of Using Ipe

There are also different disadvantages that you need to consider when choosing ipe as the best decking material. For instance, due to the high density, you should expect that this material will be heavy. This means that the installation of your deck will require expertise and specialized equipment. In order to prevent black oxidation and rusting, make sure to hire the company that you can trust.

We really hope that you acquire valuable information with this article. Other materials may have lower initial expenses, but when we think about the cost that comes with the repair and maintenance, you will still save a significant amount of money when you choose Ipe wood.

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