Ipe Wood Qualities

Ipe wood is the most recognized hardwood internationally. It is often referred to as Brazilian walnut. The wood is naturally durable, resistant to decay and rot and insect resistant. It is considered one among the best decking materials since it meets the respective design criteria. It is one of the South American ironwoods. It colors range from olive brown, dark brown, and in well-matured trees, an almost black one. It is preferred for the decking purposes due to the unique, stylish finishes that are achievable with its variation in grain and the consistently enticing colors.

Ipe Decking Characteristics

Ipe wood is highly recommended since it is the best decking material. Due to the natural oils and tight fiber, the wood has an ideal resistance to fungus and insect attacks. This property also makes the wood a preferred choice of building a deck since it can withstand harsh climatic conditions. It provides a suitable transition from the interior to the exterior of the house. The wood has also been classified as the top fire resistant wood by the National Fire Protection Agency. A person who anticipates building a deck should consider using ipe since the chances of loss are minimal in case of a fire outbreak. Ipe wood has heat depressing properties. During sizzling hot summers, the outdoor entertainment that a deck supposed to provide is useless. However, ipe decking has low retention and rapid heat depression. This quality makes the deck useful to the owner throughout the year.

Ipe Wood Costs

Unlike any other competing materials in deck building, ipe is the best building material thus fairly expensive. Wholesale decking can manage the costs by using random lengths which can be used to form stylish patterns of the deck. This minimizes the cost and still gives the house owner the intended stand out ipe deck. However, in cases where one requires specific lengths the prices are a little bit higher compared to random lengths. This is because the wood has to be cut to the customer specifications. Random lengths are therefore cheaper due to their large availability. The maintenance costs of ipe decking are negligible since the wood has a high natural resilience. Therefore, besides the considerable investment, ipe decks achieve both durability and aesthetic.

Ipe Deck Maintenance

Ipe decking maintenance is easy since the hardwood is highly resilient to forces of nature. However, cleaning with water and soap maintains the decks original aesthetic. Use of pressure washers is not recommended since it has sand busting functionalities which may tear the wood fiber destroying the finish. The decks have a durability of up to 40 years and may last longer in areas with suitable climate. Consequently, refinishing the deck building is advisable after a considerable while. This involves polishing the worn out surfaces and applying new finishes. In cases where the maintenance work is done regularly then the surface only need cleaning and using of the same old products for the finish. Due to the woods high density, they maintain the original aesthetic throughout.

Ipe wood is definitely the most preferred material for wood decking. Any person considering buying wood for decking purposes must consider Ipe wood for the best outcome.

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