1×6 Ipe (Eased-Edge) – Random Lengths

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1×6 Ipe Decking Boards (Eased-Edge) – Available in Random Lengths

1×6 Ipe is a popular choice for decking applications. These Ipe boards are suitable for a wide range of applications, but they are most commonly used as decking wood. Often referred to as “Eased-edge,” these standard Ipe decking boards are all milled with radius edges to keep the corners smooth to the touch. If you have specific requirements for your project, please contact us—we are happy to assist you.

Note on Nominal Sizing: Please be aware that 1×6 boards actually measure at ¾″ x 5 ½″ or 19mm x 140mm. This nominal sizing is standard in the industry.

Our Ipe wood is sold in random lengths from 6′ to 22′. Simply add however many total linear feet you wish to purchase to your order.

Important Information About Our Random Length Orders:

We provide random board lengths ranging from 6′ to 22′. However, be aware that some competitors may offer a “lower price” by providing either lower quality boards or shorter lengths, charging up to $1.00 more per linear foot for “Premium Length” boards. At our company, we understand that most customers do not prefer all short boards, so we do not price our random length orders to include hidden upcharges later. If you are okay with shorter boards or lower quality options, please inform your sales representative so we can adjust your quote to meet your specific needs.

Recommended Upgrade for High Traffic & Commercial Projects:

For areas with high foot traffic or large-scale commercial projects, we recommend considering our 5/4×6 boards. These thicker boards offer additional strength and stability, ideal for handling the demands of heavy use while maintaining the beauty and integrity of your deck.

Choose our 1×6 Ipe decking boards for their versatility in random lengths, and start creating a stunning, long-lasting outdoor space that meets your exact needs.



1×6 Ipe wood is the most popular size of Ipe. Ipe is hands down the best wood for outdoor applications. Period. It is the standard that all other woods aspires to be.

Ipe also is known as “Ironwood” or “Brazilian Walnut” is only the highest quality. Known as First European Quality or F.E.Q.. We make an effort to cull any substandard boards prior to shipping for complete satisfaction. This results in our customers having the highest satisfaction rating. This 1×6 Ipe wood will last for over 70 years with little or no maintenance. Buy with confidence, this is the best wood at the most reasonable price.

  • The best wood for outdoor use is, Ipe
  • The most common decking board is the 1×6
  • Eased-edge for a smooth surface
  • Can be used in combination with 1 x 4 to give a two-width appearance
  • 3/4″ thickness provides a lighter weight deck
  • The maximum recommended joist spacing for 1×6 is 16”
  • The finished dimensions of a 1×6 are 3/4”x5.5”
  • Higher initial cost but lower lifetime cost than any other outdoor wood
  • Board ends come pre-sealed, to preserve the wood. If you cut it you can use an end-sealer.
  • Very dense, 1×6 Ipe weighs about 1.9lbs per linear foot. This will vary due to moisture content.

Also, don’t forget to add Ipe Seal to your order to keep that beautiful brown look.

Have questions? Why wait? Call now 844-674-4455 we are happy to assist you.

Please be advised inventory changes on a regular basis. If an item is not in stock we will contact you and make a suitable change prior to shipping. Thank you!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 144 × 39 × 1 in
Lumber Grade

FAS/Prime (Highest) – Ultra-Premium, Select or Better (Mid-Range) – Premium, Mill Run (Lowest)

3 reviews for 1×6 Ipe (Eased-Edge) – Random Lengths

  1. Trevor Thompson

    I had been getting my lumber from another company for a long time. I decided to switch over because they were persistent. I am glad they did, this was the best load of 1×6 decking that I have had and it got to me faster than normal. I am not one to write reviews normally but you guys deserve this one. Thanks!

  2. Bradley Duke

    The best 1×6’s I have ever seen. I don’t want to think about how much money I wasted buying this stuff over the years from other companies. This is the best quality Ipe I have ever had and at the lowest I have ever paid. Thanks guys. You deserve this 5 star review.

  3. Jose Hernandez

    This quality was amazing. I was not sure when first ordering but I am really glad I did. The customer could not be happier. Thanks John!

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