Lazin’ in the Shade

One of the great things about your yard, front or back, is being able to kick back in the shade and relax at the end of a long day, or on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon/evening.  

Do it out front, and you get the chance to say hi to the neighbors as they’re out working in the yard, walking by, or as you keep an eye on the kids as they explore the universe of their neighborhood and imaginations.

Or if you feel a little more private, kick back in your backyard, with a book, magazine and favorite beverage.  Or else just doze in the shade with some great tunes going, and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine.

Where are you going to get the shade?

If you have some mature trees, those are great. If you want to plant your own, you’ll be waiting a long time for it to grow enough to give you that shade you want.  The other option is to cheat and build your own shade.

The solution is a pergola made of Brazilian walnut, aka ipe.


The Sands of Time

These ancient shade makers have been making a come back. They actually go all the way back to ancient Egypt. With the temperatures there, those guys had to know how to make some shade.

Your typical pergola is tall with a lattice roof, that lets the breezes in to cool you down and gives you the shade you’re craving as well.


Standing the Test of Time

There are so many advantages to making your pergola out of ironwood.  As you may have guessed, that’s another name for ipe. And the reason for using is all in the name.

Ipe is the king of the hardwoods.  Its density means that it stands up rain and wind and sleet and snow.  Brazilian walnut is so dense that water doesn’t penetrate it. (It’s great for docks as well, and pool decking as well.)  So when the winter comes and it’s all covered by snow, or pelted with rain, there’s no need to worry about rot setting in.

Its hardness means that it stands up to the strongest winds as well.

Then you’ve got your munchers–nasty, wood pulverizing insects like termites and ant and all their related cousins.  Those little critters do more damage than hurricanes, earthquakes, and other assorted natural disasters combined. Ipe is so dense that it’s almost impossible for those creepy-crawlies to get an ant-sized mouthful.  

Your ironwood pergola will be standing there a long time.


Where does it go?

And the answer is pretty much anywhere you want.

You can do it as a stand-alone, as we already talked about.  Pour a concrete pad, up to the support beams your lattice roof, a couple hooks for the hammock, or some chairs and a table, and you’re in the relaxing business.  

Or else make it part of your back deck, or front porch.  

Wherever you put it, a lazy summer afternoon or evening is sure to follow.

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