A Touch of the Green Stuff

With the completion of your Ipe wood deck and the arrival of summer, it’s time to celebrate a little, invite the family, friends and neighbors over to ooh and aah over your brand-spankin’ new ipe deck.

To give things a nice, elegant touch, add a little green around your deck.

Green Thumb

Plants always help give things a cheery appearance, elevating the mood and doing what plants do, cleaning the air.  

The great thing about planter boxes is they bring the green to you.  You and your guests don’t have to walk out on the lawn to be in the middle of plants and green stuff.  All you need to do is put a few planter boxes on your deck, or in your gazebo, And of course, the best wood for building those is ipe.

Another advantage, is they let you exercise your green thumb, planting and pruning and weeding, all without having to get down on your knees.  Brazilian walnut makes having a thumb so much easier. Especially if you live in the city and green space is hard to come by.

Tough Enough

One of the other great things about building your planter boxes out of ipe, aka ironwood, is they can take anything.  

Ipe is such a solid wood that it’s going to stand up to whatever you throw at it.  If your kid is going a little too fast on the deck with his skateboard–even though you’ve told him a hundred times not to do it–and he hits one of your planter boxes, chances are he’ll be damaged more than the planter box.  

Waterproof Wood

Brazilian walnut is such a hard dense wood, that it’s one of the few kinds of wood on the planet that actually sinks when you put it in water.

When you’re working with water, there is always the worry about water damaging the wood of the planter box. Water too much, and you’ll rot the wood of the box from the inside.  Use oils and lacquers with the wood, and there is the chance of damage through off-gassing, or chemicals leaching into the plants.

Ipe takes all those worries away.  It’s dense nature also keeps moisture at bay, and it ages beautifully without using any chemicals.  To help with that, make sure you put gravel beneath the boxes to help the water drain easily. You won’t need to worry about rot by using Brazilian walnut.  Those planter boxes are going to last for years.

It’s a Snap

At Ipe Woods USA, our products are versatile.  Creating the perfect planter boxes is merely a matter of converting our ipe decking products for another use.  Planter boxes can be built easily by converting our ipe decking boards.

Planter boxes out of Brazilian walnut will keep your terrace, deck, and house surrounded by green to your heart’s content, and Ipewoods.com has everything you need to make your dream come true.

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