How to Creatively Use Tigerwood in Your Next Decking Project

Research shows that a new wood deck recovers 106% of its value when you sell your home.

Backyard decking creates a focal point for get-togethers, adds style to your backyard, and sets an inviting ambiance for late summer evenings.

You’ve heard about tigerwood but you’re unsure how to introduce it to your decking project. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Tigerwood?

Tigerwood is distinctive because of its bold splashes of color. It’s also known as African walnut, goncalo alves, and Brazilian Koa, but tigerwood makes sense because of its tiger-like stripes.

They range from light orange to a deep brown, covered in either broad strokes to delicate lines. Unlike other hardwoods, such as garapa wood, tigerwood adds personality to any room or outdoor decking area and works best with simple furniture.

Benefits of Tigerwood

Before you choose ipe decking, consider the advantages of using tigerwood.


Tigerwood has an 1850 Janka scale rating, which means it’s more durable than popular hardwoods like maple.

It’s perfect for decking as its tough surface resists dents, so it looks great for longer. Also, as it’s softer than cumaru wood, tigerwood is more comfortable underfoot, which is great for families with young children.


Tigerwood has an abundance of natural oils, which helps it ward off water damage. Once laid down, apply a finish to stop it from warping or cracking even in a damp environment.


Even though tigerwood isn’t classified as a budget hardwood, its price-tag as an exotic hardwood is fair. This is a great reason to use it for your decking as you’ll make a statement with this durable, moisture-resistant wood without breaking the bank.


Not everyone has the luxury to scrub their outdoor decking frequently. Luckily, with tigerwood, the cleaning process is simple.

Use a damp mop to clean it once a week with a solution of 1/4 cup white vinegar mixed in a quart of water. Or use 1/4 soap and 2 gallons of water as it works just as well.

It’s essential to use mild cleaners to cut through grime without harming the tigerwood’s finish.

Creative Ideas for Tigerwood Decking

Consider using these ideas to elevate your outdoor decking.

Add a Pergola

A pergola can dramatically change your backyard for the better. It welcomes the best of both worlds with an open roof. Pergolas offer some shelter from the environment so you can continue entertaining guests outside.

Use tigerwood as the decking to create an inviting spot to hang out during warmer months. You could also add a hanging garden, climbing plants like potato vine, purple clematis, and rambling roses.

Floating Deck

If you want to add elegance to your backyard, consider a floating deck. They’re great for pools, or gazebos, and doesn’t add any strain to your home because it supports itself.

Once you’ve constructed it with tigerwood, add potted plants, a cozy seating area, and while away the afternoon in your stunning backyard.

Get Creative With Lighting

From strings of fairy lights to tiki torches, highlight your tigerwood deck with lighting.

Create a relaxing atmosphere with recessed lighting, or if you’re environmentally conscious, there are many stylish solar-powered options too.

Think about where and how you’ll mount the lights. For example, you could light the decking’s stairs with recessed lighting which not only looks great but is safe too.

Create a Garden Path Deck

Encourage guests to explore your backyard by adding a series of interconnected decks winding throughout. It could lead to a more solid tigerwood decked area, but along the way, use flowers to line either side for an effective look.

Build a Decked Bar Area

There’s no better place for a sundowner than in your own bar area. Tiki torches with your tigerwood deck will create an inviting space for your family and friends. But lay a rug underneath the bar stools to prevent any potential slipping!

Be Bold With Color

Tigerwood is loved because of its vibrant color, so why not go the whole way?

It’s essential you choose complementary bold colors to make the best impact. Also, you have a chance to repurpose old furniture. Just give them a coat of paint so they look fresh. But remember to use weather-resistant finish so it’s long-lasting.

Layer Your Deck

Layered decking creates a visually interesting deck design, and works great with tigerwood decking. This style complements contemporary homes, useful for those who only have a small concrete area.

Tree-Hugging Deck

For a unique look, fit your tigerwood deck around a tree in your yard. It’s a stunning way to combine the two. Although, it’s important to consult an arborist to ensure the tree is healthy and to make sure you leave enough room for the tree’s mature size.

Master Room Decking

If you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to go overboard, add a small tigerwood deck off the master bedroom. Add a pair of lounge chairs and a table so you have a private area to wind down.

Re-Vamp Your Shed

Sheds don’t only have to be a storage space for your kid’s toys or gardening tools. You can revitalize your shed by adding a mini tigerwood deck across the entrance so it complements your backyard.

Those Are Our Tigerwood Decking Ideas

Tigerwood is an exceptional choice for decking. It’s unique markings, deep color, and durability mean it’s a perfect addition for any decking project. Get creative by adding a decked bar, highlighting your backyard’s current foliage, or add a small private decking area.


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