You live in a nice upper-class neighborhood; maybe even a couple steps above upper class.  Your house looks great and you work to keep it that way. You worked hard to get here and take pride in what you’ve achieved.


The one problem with most fences and fencing materials is they just don’t stand up to a lot of wear and tear, and/or abuse, such as neighborhood kids launching regular attacks, heat, cold, snow, rain, and crawly critters who munch on wood.  

Vinyl looks good and tough and it supposedly low maintenance, but it’s all looks and no show. As you saw in that video, it can be taken out by a young kid who gets a good running start.  

What you need is a Ipe fence that will shrug off all those threats like Arnold swatting a bothersome fly.

The answer is a fence built of ipe–Brazilian walnut–wood, from Ipe Woods USA.  Another name for ipe is ironwood.  And it didn’t earn that name just for its good looks.  

A fence made from ipe will stand the test of time as well as attacks from critters that would like for it dinner because of its dense nature.  The US Naval Research lab has tested the durability of ipe and says that it can last for up to 75 years. Any kids who try knocking down that fence are going to need orthopedic attention.  

But even more so is how good looking it is. Freshly installed, ipe wood fencing is a light to medium brown.  It’s a handsome color and stands out beautifully. With its natural density and strength, ipe will stand the worst Mother Nature has to throw at any all natural wood fences.  

It’s both tough and beautiful.  Can you ask for more?

Low Maintenance

Your other big benefit with your ipe wood fence is its low maintenance nature.  

Most contractors recommend not staining the wood, and letting it fade to the beautiful silver-grey patina–like teak– that aged ipe takes on.  However, if you want to stain it, make sure you have a stain that is formulated for ipe–not every wood stain on the market will work for ipe wood.  And you only need to do it annually.

A fence that’s beautiful, tough, and low maintenance, if this were horse racing you’d that’s the triple crown.

What are you waiting for?  

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