Tropical Hardwood Needs Acclimation

It is vital for the success of any project using Tropical Hardwood to Acclimate!

Getting the wood ready to install–acclimate your Ipe wood!

Ipe wood needs to acclimate to the local conditions (humidity and temperature).  This is true of any hardwood. This means it needs to sit near where you will be installing it to adjust to its new climate.  Leave it there for a least seven (7) days, or longer if you are in a drier climate. Don’t store Ipe wood for any more than 28 days without checking with us at Ipe Woods USA for additional handling tips.

How to acclimate your Ipe wood–a list of do’s and don’ts

  1. We recommend you store Ipe wood on blocks of wood.  Do not sit Ipe wood anywhere directly on or near the ground or on a block of concrete, so it can acclimate.  It must be stored a minimum of 12 inches away from the ground to let the boards underneath get enough ventilation. If it is not interacting with the environment, it is not acclimating!
    Proper Hardwood Acclimation
    Wood stacked for installation.
  2. Cover Ipe wood with plywood during the acclimation process.  Do NOT cover the Ipe lumber with any tarp or any plastic. These trap water and moisture and can create stability issues.  Ipe must be kept dry until it’s installed.
  3. Air Ipe wood outside.  Never store it in an enclosed space, such as a garage or any other enclosed area.
  4. Proper ventilation is best achieved by separating the rows of boards with wooden shims.  The more air can move around the boards before installation, the more acclimated the wood will be for your project.
  5. We mentioned this above, but never store Ipe lumber for more than 28 days without double-checking with us at Ipe Woods USA.

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