CAMO® Marksman Pro Tool – CAMO® Edge Deck Fastening System


There is nothing we have been more excited about in the decking industry in the last 10 years than this revolutionary tool the CAMO® Edge Fastener System.  All you need besides this tool is screws! The screws are specially designed also so that you can install without pre-drilling (requires expert installation).

The CAMO® Edge Hidden Fastener System is the second method we recommend. Simply, this is the least expensive way to have a hidden fastening system when installing your Ipe deck. This system works with 3/4″ (1x) thick and 1″ (5/4x) thick boards. Using the CAMO Marksman Pro® tool you can screw into the side of the board at an angle and keep a smooth surface with a 3/16″ Gap. This has a few advantages.
1. Only have to pay for the screws.
2. Easier to repair boards or replace boards in the future.
3. Faster installation.
4. (expert level) Using the Protech screws no pre-drilling is required, thus saving time.
5. No need to pay extra for pregrooved boards.
6. Pregrooved boards usally lose some thickness and width, in the milling process. Not the case of using this system.



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