1×8 Ipe Siding (Eased-Edge) – 8′-20′ Boards

Priced Per Board Length

Our range of ipe boards offers exceptional versatility for a multitude of projects, especially designed for use as siding material. Known as ‘Eased-edge,’ these specific ipe siding planks feature delicately rounded edges for a soft, comfortable feel. Unique to our service, customers have the ability to select the exact lengths of boards they require, ensuring a custom fit for every project. If your project demands bespoke specifications or if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our dedicated team is ready to provide personalized assistance to accommodate your unique requirements.

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Ipe can be used as siding in this form or in “Shiplap”. We can cut any boards into shiplap for a small 5% increase in the prices shown. Since every order is customized if you require shiplap ipe for your project it’s not a problem but please contact us so we may customize your order.

Shiplap hardwood siding is probably the most common board cut for siding.

Don’t forget to add Ipe Seal to your order.

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