1×4 Ipe Fencing (Eased-Edge) – 8′-20′ Boards

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These ipe boards are suitable for many applications; they are mostly used for Ipe fencing. Although called “Eased-edge,” these are standard Ipe decking boards. They are all milled with radius edges “eased-edge” to keep the corners smooth to the touch. If you have any specific requirements for your project, please contact us; we are happy to assist you. For random length 1×4 ipe decking boards, use this link. Or if you want specified lengths of 1×4 decking use this one.

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Vertical Fence: If you are building a fence using Ipe wood and are doing a vertical boards the most common sizes are 6ft and 8 ft boards.

Horizontal (most common with Ipe fences): Most commonly if you are going vertical you will still use 6ft to 8ft boards as the posts are most commonly 6ft-8ft apart. This will give you the best structural integrity with a good distance.

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Dimensions 216 × 3.5 × 1 in


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