Membership Levels

The wood buyers club is designed for building supply companies, contractors and high volume buyers looking for the best rates on wood. By being a member of the club you will receive wood at a substantial discount.

The way we are able to do this is through the support of monthly contributions we are able to offset the costs of each specific purchase. We are also able to negotiate as a whole with more buying power. The more you buy the more you will save and the less the monthly cost will matter.

We are sorry, but this program is currently offered on an invitation-only basis. We currently offer 3 levels of membership:

Level Price  
Lumber Consortium - Silver $629.00 now and then $129.00 per Month. Select
Lumber Consortium - Gold $749.00 now and then $249.00 per Month. Select
Lumber Consortium - Platinum $999.00 now and then $499.00 per Month. Select
Lumber Consortium - Free Free Select

All members receive the following benefits:

  • Extremely low-cost wood
  • Shipping at cost (Each order shopped for lowest rate to over 20 different carriers)
  • No more haggling or wasting time trying to find the cheapest wood, this is the lowest cost you will find.
  • Quotes back in less than 48 business hours
  • Almost any type of wood not in inventory will be imported on request (30-60 Days Shipping Notice Needed)
  • Access to a massive network of inventory
  • All orders shipped within 7 days unless otherwise notified

Wood Types  Currently Available:

Exotic: Domestic:
Ipe White Maple (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
Spanish Cedar (Gold and Platinum Level Only) White Birch  (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
Sapele (Gold and Platinum Level Only) Hickory (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
African Mahogany (Gold and Platinum Level Only) Hard Maple (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
Meranti Plywood (Gold and Platinum Level Only) Poplar (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
Okume Plywood (Gold and Platinum Level Only) Southern Yellow Pine (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
Garapa (Platinum Level Only) Red Oak (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
Tigerwood (Platinum Level Only) Walnut (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
Cumaru (Platinum Level Only) White Oak (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
Massaranduba (Platinum Level Only) White High-Pressure Laminate (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
Gray High-Pressure Laminate (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
Western Red Cedar (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
Ash (Gold and Platinum Level Only)
Alder (Platinum Level Only)
Birch (Platinum Level Only)
Cherry (Platinum Level Only)
Cyprus (Platinum Level Only)

Other woods:

We use our buying power to leverage deals, deals that you would not be able to find on your own. If you have a specific type of wood you are looking to purchase let us know and we can scour the best deals from outside vendors. 

Information on Ipe Decking, Siding and Fencing.


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