Deckwise® Ipe Clip® vs Camo® Clips vs EdgeClip™ vs EB-TY® – Best Ipe Hidden Fastener/Clip Battle

We get a lot of people asking about hidden clip systems for their Ipe Decking. There are a lot of options out there but some of the most popular are EdgeClip™, Deckwise® Ipe Clip®, EB-TY® and Camo® Clips.

Ipe Woods USA up until March 2019 had recommended the Camo® clips because they are faster to install, this is because it requires no predrilling. But as times change so do clips and now we are recommending the EdgeClip™.  Not only is it strong, it installs up to 5 times faster and cost a fraction of most the other clips. It is a real win for contractors and customers alike. Not only that but it installs with a 3/16″ gap spacing making it not too tight for air flow but so tight that it is visually appealing. EdgeClip™ is a real game changer in terms of in price, ease of installation, strength and gap spacing.

If you are looking for a tighter spacing the EB-TY® and Deckwise® Ipe Clip® have a 3/32″ gap spacing option available. However, the tighter the gap spacing you do the more concerned you should be about ventilation.  If you do not have prime open ventilation more airflow is better. For complete installation recommendations please visit our installation page.

  Camo® Clips Deckwise® Ipe Clip® EdgeClip™ EB-TY®
Predrilling Required? No Yes No Yes
Screws Directly into Joist? Yes No (requires going through wood) Yes No
Used with pregrooved boards only? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gap Space 1/4″ 1/4” or 3/32” 3/16″ 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/32″
Screw Type Stainless Stainless Stainless Stainless
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty Limited Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty  



  • Installs fastest of any clip
  • Comes with the guide tool
  • Up to 88% stronger than leading competitors
  • Cost less than leading competitors
  • Installs up to 5 times faster than leading competitors
  • Screws into joist
  • Works with pre-grooved boards


Camo® Clips

  • Screw directly into joist(s)
  • For use with pre-grooved boards only
  • Require no pre-drilling in Ipe
  • Faster installation than methods requiring pre-drilling
  • Talons provide grip into the Ipe


EB-TY® Simpson Strong-Tie

  • Requires pre-drilling in the edge of each Ipe board on every clip
  • For use with pre-grooved boards only
  • Screws go through Ipe into joist(s)


Ipe Clip® by Deckwise®

  • Requires pre-drilling in the edge of each Ipe board on every clip
  • For use with pre-grooved boards only
  • Screws go through Ipe into joist(s)
  • Warranty must be registered within 45 days of purchase


New Alternative to Conventional Hidden Fasteners

While the popularity of hidden fasteners doesn’t seem to be diminishing anytime soon. The new Camo® Edge Fastening System is not only much less expensive but also is a good intermediary between face screwing and hidden clips. It also requires no pre-drilling!

So how can you not have to pre-drill a screw when using Ipe? Check out this video:

Disclaimer: Ipe Woods USA is not affiliated with  EB-TY®, Deckwise® or Ipe Clip® nor a Deckwise® Authorized Dealer.

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