Deckwise® Ipe Clips® vs Camo® Clips – Best Ipe Clip Battle

We get a lot of people asking about hidden clip systems for their Ipe Decking. There are a lot of options out there but two of the most popular or Deckwise® Ipe Clips® and Camo® Clips. To be clear we recommend the Camo® clips because they are faster to install because it requires no predrilling. If you are looking for a tighter spacing the Deckwise® Ipe Clips® do have a tighter gap spacing option available. However, the tighter the gap spacing you do the more concerned you should be about ventilation.  If you do not have prime open ventilation more air flow is better. For complete installation recommendations please visit our installation page.

Camo® Clips Deckwise® Ipe Clips®
Predrilling Required? No Yes
Screws Directly into Joist? No Yes
Used with pregrooved boards only? Yes Yes
Gap Space 1/4″ 1/4” or 3/32”
Screw Type Stainless Stainless
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty Limited Warranty

Camo® Clips:

  • Screw directly into joist(s)
  • For use with pre-grooved boards only
  • Require no pre-drilling in Ipe
  • Faster Installation than methods requiring pre-drilling
  • Talons provide grip into the Ipe

Ipe Clips by Deckwise® Ipe Clips®

  • Requires pre-drilling in the edge of each Ipe board on every clip
  • For use with pre-grooved boards only
  • Screws go through Ipe into joist(s)

Disclaimer: Ipe Woods USA is not affiliated with Deckwise® or Ipe Clips®.

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