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Deck Design Ideas: 7 Creative Deck Designs to Consider

You can extend the area of your home with a backyard deck. Whether your deck is attached to the house or freestanding, there are hundreds of beautiful deck design ideas.

The thing is that you can also get overwhelmed by all the choices. That’s why we narrowed our suggestions down to seven beautiful options.

Maybe you already have a deck that you’re updating. Or you could be starting from scratch. Either way, there are a few basic choices to make before you get into all the little details.

Once you decide on your deck’s style — nature-inspired, modern and clean, or colorful and unique — then you can think about the best decking material to use.

But first, let’s consider whether or not you want the deck open-air or if you prefer a roof type covering.

1. Versatile Outdoor Deck Ideas

A pergola is the best of both worlds, with an open roof-like top. It provides some shelter from the environment and defines a gorgeous place to entertain outside.

You’ll also have an option for a hanging garden. Plus, any kind of climbing plants are perfect for the pergola.

Clematis, honeysuckle, and wisterias are all lovely choices that will grow and twine through the boards to create a floral ceiling.

On the other hand, you can define the lines of the structure another way, leave the top open, and forgo the plants altogether. Ultimately, a pergola is a versatile option that you can use to define your style.

2. A Private Place to Relax

When it comes to privacy, it’s all about the material you use. One way to establish a private spot is to add greenery. Adding plants will reduce noise and provide a living backdrop.

Built-in planters are an excellent choice to incorporate into your backyard design. Then you can use a variety of annuals and perennials to enhance the space.

Fruits and vegetables would add a unique touch, as well. Think about herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, and other fruits and vegetables to use in your cooking this summer.

You can also build a privacy wall from natural wood, iron, or any number of other types of material.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

3. Level Up

Those built-in planters are just one of the backyard deck ideas that incorporate different levels.

For example, you may have a larger planter to accommodate an ornamental tree sitting next to a smaller container that holds seasonal blooms or edible plants.

What this does for your deck is to add little areas of interest.

Note that you can always switch out the greenery for sculpture, fountains, and other objects.

If you’re planning a DIY deck, you’ll want to get some professional how-to tips on what materials to use, how to choose the right fixtures, and tips on painting, staining, and finish.

Then you can get creative with adding steps, raised seating, different heights of planters (and plants), or even a sunk-in firepit depending on where you’re building.

Go up or down — Different levels will make your deck unique.

4. Indoor-Outdoor

Whether it’s french doors opening onto the deck or an outdoor kitchen complete with grill, sink, and dining — An indoor-outdoor deck is a sophisticated choice.

Imagine a two-sided fireplace that faces the deck and also the living room inside your home. Or doors that slide open from the master bedroom to enlarge the indoor space, incorporating the deck.

Plus, you can always add a play area for the kids with a basketball hoop or a swing set if you have enough room. After all, they should get to enjoy the deck too.

5.  DIY Floating Deck

As far as backyard deck designs go, you can DIY a floating deck anywhere. This tutorial breaks it down into the following steps:

  • Level the area
  • Determine the four corners and dig a hole for each cinderblock
  • Draw the lines for the interior blocks and dig a trench along those lines
  • Set the inner blocks in and level them
  • Set the outer blocks
  • Lay down the deck joists
  • Lay the deck boards

Of course, the quality of your deck depends on the quality of the materials. There are thousands of design options, and it all comes down to what you want from your deck.

Think of your floating deck as a backyard oasis that can go anywhere you choose.

6. Light it Up

You can get really creative lighting. From twinkle lights to tiki torches, lighting adds atmosphere.

Recessed lighting is an attractive choice on a deck too. And these days, there are plenty of solar-powered options as well.

Another thing to think about is where and how you’ll mount the lights. Try lighting the stairs with recessed lighting. Not only will it be pretty, but it will also make it safer at night.

LED Christmas lights are gorgeous, wrapped around rails and foliage. You can also light underneath the table and include candles and free-standing LED lights in corners and as accents.

You may want to try colored lights for some pop in a few spots.

7. All the Little Touches

Regardless of if your updating or building from scratch, you’ll want to add all the little touches that make your deck uniquely yours.

We’ve already looked at lighting, so onto furniture.

Deck furniture has to stand up to the weather. One option is to build-in the seating and add cushions.

Since built-in furniture is part of the structure, you can waterproof it like the rest of the deck, and store the cushions when the weather turns.

Other materials to consider if you don’t want built-in deck furniture are wrought iron, polymers, plastics, and aluminum. And if you’re into DIY, you can try constructing pallet furniture.

The main thing to keep in mind other than style is your deck furniture must be durable and waterproof.

Make It Your Own: Creative Deck Designs

If you’re planning to add a deck, use our blog for more deck design ideas, tips, and tricks.

Do you have any questions? Maybe you want to share your experience as you work on your deck design.

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