Well maybe if it came from Krypton, along with Superman, and he had a flare for horticulture . . . but that’s just a little too crazy.  So the answer is, not really.

However, when it comes to fire resistance, not all woods are created equal.  Especially when it comes to wood you’re using for decking, siding and fencing.  Now, we all know that when it comes to hardcore wildfires, no matter how fire resistant wood is, when a firestorm is bearing down on your place, all bets are off.  But in normal circumstances, naturally fire resistant wood is a smart and sound investment.  

The King of Fire-resistant Wood

When it comes to fire-resistant wood, the king is Ipe wood; of course, as we’ve said before, they call it ironwood for a reason.

If you have been through a fire and are in the process of rebuilding, there are many solid reasons to consider using Ipe wood as siding, decking, and fencing.  

Just like everything else on the planet these days, there are tests to see just how well wood stands up to a fire.  And when it comes to Ipe, nothing touches it.  Essentially how they do it is they install and 20’x25’ sample as the ceiling of a test chamber, and then see how fast the fire spreads.  Of all the woods, Ipe came out on top.  It has been given up an A rating for fire resistance.  That means it’s the best.

Ipe lumber is so naturally dense that it resists fungus, rot, and termites.  It even sinks in water.

Accidents Happen

Wildfires are dangerous and unpredictable, as we have unfortunately seen these past months with all the wildfires around the country.  Fortunately, most of us will never have to worry about losing our homes to one.

However, accidents happen, and that’s when using Ipe lumber for your decking and siding, and fencing really comes in handy.  

Imagine you’re hosting a barbeque on your deck with friends and neighbors there.  You’ve got the barbeque going, and next thing you know, someone’s knocked over a grill filled with white-hot briquettes.  Or maybe it’s a tiki torch that was knocked over. It can be any one of a half-dozen unexpected things.  

If your deck is made of pine, or redwood, or oak–FOOM!–everything goes up in a flash.  You barely have time to look for the fire extinguisher before things get out of control.

If you’ve used Ipe wood for your deck, you’re able to get things under control before the point of no return. The dense ironwood takes so long to ignite, that life can be a little calmer when an accident happens.  

Fences Make Good Neighbors

When it comes to neighbors, sometimes a fence can help keep the peace.  Unfortunately, sometimes fires have been known to jump and ignite the house next door.  

Using Ipe fencing can help keep the neighbors happy.

A fence made of Ipe lumber can slow the spread of a fire to the point of helping to keep it contained.  

An Ounce of Prevention . . .

For all these reasons, Ipe Woods USA suggests you keep Ipe wood in mind when planning to add a deck, build a fence, or put on siding. The high fire resistance of Ipe wood helps prevent the flames from gaining a toehold and doing more damage. No organic product is fireproof, but Ipe is a close second.

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