The Best Decking Material in the World

There are numerous advantages of the exotic Brazilian walnut popularly known as Ipé from South America.

It has super properties like the ability to withstand compression forces of up to 3600lbs and blending forces of 22,560 lbs. If you want to buy efficient decking materials, it comes highly recommend, and you’re purchasing something that will last a lifetime.


Durability is a well noted Ipe advantage. This wood is so dense when that it can potentially last for 100 years without rot or attack from the elements. It can withstand termite attacks. This property makes it a suitable material for exterior decking. Other hardwoods like cedar or Oak can’t match its strength and long life.

Low Maintenance

You don’t need artificial substances to maintain and protect the wood. You can just allow it to age and become grey, which is also appealing to many homeowners.

For those who prefer natural, vibrant colors oiling is an option. After installation, you can occasionally clean the deck with Penofin hardwood oil. Though it actively resists decay or absorption, weather sealing the deck can make it last longer.

Delivers Cool Surfaces

Ipe absorbs less heat during the summer making it better than plastic decking. It cannot crack due to expansion and contraction to form splinters; therefore, it is safer than other hardwoods.

Comparison with other Hardwood Decking Materials

Compared to other decking options the Brazilian Walnut remains superior.


Has a hardness resistance of 690lbs and it must be pressure treated before use. Chemicals are used to give the wood a dusty yellow color are toxic.

Western Cedar:

It has a hardness resistance of 580lbs compared to Ipe’s 3600lbs. Although it’s more durable than other woods, it is soft and can decay when exposed to the environment. Treatment is not a must but recommended. You have to do regular staining to keep it looking natural. It will last for only 20 years and has a lower fire rating.

Philippine Mahogany (Shorea)

In regards to hardness, it can resist only 760lbs significantly lower than that of the Brazilian Walnut; hence, will not last under harsh conditions of use. Although, Shorea is more sustainable than cedar, redwood, and pine you are better offer with the Brazilian Walnut.

Composite Decking

Composite decking refers to synthetic or plastic decking materials delivered from petroleum. It comes with a guarantee of only 10 years.

It can soften and droops with temperature changes, and once scratches develop they cannot be removed. Also, they are non-recyclable and are non-biodegradable. Composite decking fade quickly and lack a fire rating found in Ipe wood.

Camaru Hardwood

Camaru or Brazilian Teak is an also an exotic hardwood that has similar properties to the Brazilian Walnut. It has a hardness of about 3.542 and can last for over 25 years. The grain on Camaru is coarser than in Brazilian Walnut, but both have the same fire rating. However, it is prone to warping and turning and must be dried carefully.

Final Thought

No wood product comes close to the Brazilian Walnut in all measures making it the best decking material in the world.

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