5 Warning Signs Your Deck Could Collapse – Quick Deck Inspection Tips

When you have a deck at your home, it is crucial that you inspect it at least once a year. The best period to do it is during the Spring or beginning of the Summer since this is the time when the deck boards start to contract as well as this is the time of the year that you should spend more time enjoying it.

So, here are 5 warning signs that you need to be aware off to make sure that your deck doesn’t collapse: 

#1: Are All Your Connectors There?

While many people have decks at their homes, the truth is that most of them may not be as safe as we would think. The truth is that most of them simply use the wood, screws, and nails. However, this may not be enough to make it completely safe. You need to make sure that you are using compliant fasteners. The best ones to use (and the safest ones) are bolts. So, in case you’re not using bolts on your deck, you should really consider replacing them.

#2: Are Your Connectors Tight?

One of the things many people tend to notice when they are inspecting their decks, especially during the spring and summer, is that they have loose and wobbly boards and railings or that the ledgers aren’t as tight as they should be against your home. So, this clearly indicates that you have some loose connections that you need to fix to make sure that your deck doesn’t fall. There are many reasons why this can happen. The important thing is that you verify them and make sure that you get them fixed as soon as you notice them.

#3: Are Your Connectors or Fasteners Corroded?

As you know, your deck is always subjected to the different temperatures and weather conditions throughout the entire year. So, make sure that your fasteners and galvanized metal connectors are still in shape and not at risk of corrosion. In case they are already corroded, you need to change them because this means that the structure is weakened.

#4: Is Your Wood Staying Strong?

Since your deck is exposed to the different weather conditions, rot and decay and two possible situations that can affect your wood. So, make sure that you don’t have any weak sections or your deck may become unstable.

#5: Are There Cracks In Your Wood?

 Cracks tend to occur because the wood of your deck is exposed you the UV rays and the sun. So, make sure that you check for excessive cracking or larger cracks.


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