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10 Incredible Things to Know About Massaranduba Decking

When it comes to choosing the right wood for your deck, you don’t want to settle with just any type of lumber. If installed correctly, your new deck should last you anywhere from 15-20 years with proper care and maintenance.

So where do you start? Massaranduba hardwood decking is exactly what you need to keep your new deck looking brand new for years to come! Here are 10 things you may not know about massaranduba decking (but you should!):

#1. It’s One Of The Hardest Woods In The World

Yes, you read that correctly. Massaranduba decking is one of the hardest woods in the world making it an incredible choice for anyone wanting a deck that is durable and will last longer than other materials on the market.

Since massaranduba wood is so durable, it’s very versatile and is used on many types of build designs. From commercial to residential, you can’t go wrong with choosing massaranduba decking for your next project.

#2. Massaranduba Wood Is All Natural

If you know anything about composite decking, you know that it’s a mixture of plastic and wood pulp. These two materials together contribute to the pollution of our planet and are known to be very harmful to animal and plant life. Unlike these traits, massaranduba wood is 100% all-natural wood!

This means you can have a brand new, beautiful deck all while knowing you’re doing no harm to the planet or its inhabitants!

#3. Don’t Worry, It Will Last You Forever

Another great thing about massaranduba decking is its longevity. Due to its hardness, massaranduba wood is known to last decades, even while enduring extreme weather conditions. This makes it a great choice for those looking for a material that won’t need to be replaced frequently.

#4. It’s Weather Resistant

Massaranduba wood is also known to be very weather resistant as stated above. Originating in South America, the wood was originally found in the forests. Here they could receive up to 400+ inches of rain a year. That is up to 10 times more rainfall than in the United States.

This makes massaranduba wood naturally resistant to heavy rainfall, rot, and even mold!

#5. Don’t Even Stress About Insects

Like other tropical woods, massaranduba wood is naturally insect resistant. Over time, massaranduba wood has evolved to withstand the insects of the South American forests. Though different species of insects live in North America, they are no match for the incredibly tough wood fibers of massaranduba.

This means more time relaxing on your new deck and less time buying insect repellant or calling your local exterminator. Sounds like a win in our book!

#6. Need To Replace A Board? No Big Deal

One of the most frustrating things comes when it’s time to replace some of the boards on your deck. Even more frustrating? When those new boards stick out like a sore thumb compared to the weathered and worn-out pieces that have been there for 5 years. Luckily, this applies to composite decking and not massaranduba!

Like other tropical woods, massaranduba is known for its durability, and this applies to looks too! No need to worry about when it comes to needing some replacement pieces. Since most tropical woods all have a slightly different look from the beginning, you’ll never be able to tell you had that board right in the center swapped out for a new one!

#7. Massaranduba Won’t Break The Bank

With its incredible qualities, you’d think that massaranduba wood would put a huge hole in your wallet. However, you may be surprised to learn that is not true. The upfront costs of massaranduba wood are actually around the same as lower-end composite options.

What’s even better? Massaranduba is known to last anywhere between 20-70 years depending on upkeep and weather conditions, unlike composite wood which can begin to rot around 4-5 years after installation. This means that you could replace your composite deck 4 times before you could possibly notice any changes to your massaranduba deck.

Overall, massaranduba decking is a cost-effective way to create a beautiful outdoor sanctuary right in your backyard.

#8. It’s Highly Fire Resistant

When it comes to construction material decision-making such as in large commercial projects, fire resistance is a huge deciding factor in product choice. Massaranduba wood is known to receive a high B rating in Flame Spread testing as it’s flame spread resistant. This means if a fire were to break out, it wouldn’t get far with the help of massaranduba.

#9. Massaranduba Wood Is As Beautiful As It Is Functional

Originating in South America, massaranduba wood is a naturally gorgeous color. It ranges anywhere from a deep plum color to a lighter brown, making it a great option for those looking for a natural, beautiful wood without having to use any artificial stains to achieve the color you want.

#10. It’s Slip Resistant, Too!

Like all of its other amazing qualities, massaranduba is known to be slip-resistant as well. Due to the fine texture of the wood, you won’t have to worry about slipping and falling on your way out the door when you’re running late for work.

Is Massaranduba Decking Right For You?

If you’re looking for decking wood that is going to last a long time, is weather-resistant, looks beautiful, and won’t break the bank, massaranduba wood is perfect for you! Being one of the hardest woods in the world, you know you can trust it for years to come to stay beautiful and be easy to maintain.

Contact us for more questions about massaranduba wood and how you can take your deck to the next level!

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