Western Red Cedar

Why You Should Consider Western Red Cedar Decking

Western red cedar is one of the most preferred woods when constructing decks in the United States. In the past decade, western red cedar decking has been popular among contractors, architects, and homeowners. They love the wood’s performance and appearance among other characteristics.

Building a deck is no easy task. You need to use the best material available in the market to ensure that it will last for a long time. It is important to choose a naturally stable material for the deck. It should be durable and low maintenance. You can find these properties in western red cedar decking.

Beauty of Western Red Cedar Decking

When it comes to woods used for decking, there is no other wood quite like it. It features rich, tonal properties that make the wood a popular choice among designers, contractors, and DIYers. Its natural beauty trumps all other woods on the market today.

The heartwood of the wood has reddish to pinkish brown color and comes with random bands and streaks of darker brown or red areas. Narrow sapwood comes in yellowish white color. It has a medium to coarse texture and a straight grain.

Versatile Wood Material

The cedar wood is compatible with a wide range of finishes because it is pitch and resin-free. Some of the finishes you can use include shabby chic bleaches, naturally semi-transparent stains, traditional solid colors, and dark stains, just to name a few.

Not only that, the wood comes in a wide range of surface textures, grades, and lumber dimensions. No matter what the design of the deck might be, you can find the right red cedar wood for your project.


Natural wood is more environmentally friendly than synthetic products. Western red cedar comes from sustainably managed forests, making it renewable, biodegradable, and green. While other building materials emit greenhouse gases, natural wood actually absorbs greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Durable Decking Material

The red cedar wood is durable because it is naturally resistant to decay. It is also resistant to insects. When it is properly maintained, the wooden deck can last for a long time without repairs. It requires little to no maintenance as well.

It is not advisable to leave the deck untreated because a protective coating or finish can increase its lifespan. Because of its high degree of dimensional stability, you can use any type of paint, oil, stain, and other finishing on it.

Working on Western Red Cedar Decking

It is the easiest wood to work with because of its uniform texture and straight grain. It can take all types of fasteners without splitting. It is also easy to nail and saw. When working on the deck, it is advisable to have sharp cutting tools.

Western red cedar decking is the perfect example of what a wood deck should look like. It holds up well in sun, cold, heat, and rain. Moreover, it is resistant to decay, which makes it the ideal wood for an outdoor deck.