Shipping Update

IMPORTANT: After you have placed your order we got right to work preparing it for delivery to you. We work expeditiously to get orders picked up from our warehouses so they can be delivered to you as fast as possible.

When you submit this form, you will also receive a copy sent to the email you fill in here. Keep this for your records; this is verification you submitted this form.

After you pay for your order and before your lumber is picked up we usually do not have any new information to update you with. The next time most of our customers will hear from us will be with the carrier tracking information VIA email. This tracking information email is typically sent the day after the pickup when the PRO information reaches our desk from the day before.

We provide every customer with appointment delivery so that you can properly prepare and be ready for your shipment to be offloaded. The carrier or our shipping coordination company will call you to schedule this and not just show up.

You are welcome to use this form to contact us, but if it has been under five business days on eased-edge orders or under ten business days on custom-milled orders, there is no need to worry. Please note the “Order Date” on your invoice is not the day you ordered. It is the day you received your quote. To see the day you ordered please see the email sent to you upon payment. Orders received after 2:00 PM EST start processing the next business day.

The invoice “Order Date” is not the date you paid but the quote date.

Orders are usually shipped in under 5 business days from order placement. We strive to make our customers happy. Orders that require custom milling will require an additional 5 business days (i.e., shiplap, rainscreen, pre-grooved, and t&g). To calculate exactly what business days are, you can use this business day calculator. While delays are rare, we do run maintenance on our milling machinery as needed and annually from Christmas to New Year’s.

Please use this form if you request an update on your shipping status.

*Due to the nature of shipping and our business, we do not guarantee any delivery dates or times unless done so in writing and signed by an authorized agent of Ipe Woods USA. Please see Terms and Conditions for full details.  Please note this page is only for informational purposes. For full details, please visit our Terms and Conditions.