Random Lengths and Lumber Grades

Random Lengths are just that random length boards that add up to whatever total linear foot you ordered. We do random orders in any size we select from 6′-22′  (although 6′ and 22′ would be very rare). If you need specific lengths for a project, you should buy specific length boards.

We, however, will try to get a good spread of sizes for the random length orders, but typically it is what we have currently overstocked. Let us know what your goals are, and depending on inventory we may be able to ship more or less of certain types of boards. However, on random length orders, we do not guarantee any specific amount of any particular length boards.

Lumber Grades

FAS/Prime – Ultra-Premium

FAS or Prime is the highest grade sold. These boards are graded on both sides for FAS quality.  FAS is recommended for decking and high-end fencing projects that require boards with little to no defects.

Select and Better – Premium 

Select and Better grade allows for a higher percentage of defects than FAS. In this grade, you will find some Mill Run type defects that are not allowed in FAS grade.  This grade is suitable for use on fencing and siding and other projects where some defects will be okay.

Mill Run

Mill Run is everything that comes out of the mill without sorting. You will find all the mix of grades or the lower grade materials known technically as the Commons. This is used for things like planter boxes, trellises, verandas (not support beams), and projects that are okay with some defects in boards. Some companies call it rustic Ipe or Ipe with more Characteristics like knots, worm holes, sapwood and more.