Millrun and Mill Run Lumber

Millrun or Mill Run lumber is typically also known as No. 1 Common.  This is typically used because Millrun or “Mill Run” lumber is where an importer takes all the lumber that comes out of the run rather than just the highest grades. It can make it so no one needs to grade it and no one needs to sort it. Not only can taking mill run lumber not require grading or sorting it also makes it easier to get rid of lower grade boards that might otherwise be culled.

In Order of Grade:

Grade Trade Name Abbreviation
Firsts and Seconds FAS
FAS One Face F1F
Select SEL
No. 1 Common 1C
No. 2A Common 2C
No. 2B Common 3AC
No. 3A Common 3BC

Ipe itself has a high percentage of lumber that meets or exceeds select grade but you will need to be aware that if your project requires faces that are free of a defect you should probably order an additional 15-25% or better yet purchase the next grade up we sell which is Select or Better (also known as our Premium) or FAS which is the highest grade available. The grade up from this that we sell “Select or Better” will have much less defect. Mill run hardwood lumber can be fine for your project depending on what your needs are. Depending on the species, some species like Ipe have a much higher average grade. But then again with mill run lumber, you do not have any guarantee as to the grade, as a certified inspector or even inspector has not graded it. If you get a good batch it could all be fine and if you get a bad batch hopefully you are making planter boxes.

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