Purple Heart Decking

Purple Heart is another Brazilian species. Purple heart has become more popular for its natural characteristics and not necessarily the purple color it starts out as. It has become very popular over the years, not for its purple color but for the color of brown, it changes too. However, during the time it takes for this color change to happen you have a purple deck. The wood, however, does turn more silver if untreated. The UV light interacts with the wood changing its color over time. You can keep it at almost any color that it naturally turns and you like, by applying the proper UV protectant.

Although this wood seems extremely exotic to say the least. It is actually very durable naturally. It is known for being naturally resistant to decay, rot, bugs and fungal growth.

All this being said the maintenance is extremely low, and strength is very high. It has a Janka hardness of 1,860. Which makes it harder than Black Locust, Rosewood and Tigerwood. It is still recommended that you use carbide blades for Purple Heart as it is extremely dense wood.

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