Ipe, Brazilian Walnut, Lapacho Ironwoods Supplier

Ipe wood decking is the gold standard for all hardwoods. What makes Ipe so great, is that this wood is naturally fire, bug and water-resistant. Utilizing strategic partnerships and/or purchasing large amounts of wood help us so that we may save you money on not only the wood itself but the shipping also. As the premier online supplier, you can expect the best customer service and quality wood. No matter if you are using our wood for decking, siding, fencing or other projects know that you can trust us.

Sustainably Harvested Ipe

As a company of integrity, our buyers make every attempt to purchase sustainable Ipe. There are some companies that charge us to claim a “certification” of sustainable harvest. In the end, there is still no guarantee and we end up just charging customers more for Ipe. Know that Ipe Woods USA attempts to verify all our wood is sustainably harvested. Our company will terminate relationships immediately with anyone found to be involved with non-sustainable and/or illegal harvesting.

Planting 5 Trees for Every Oder

We know people get very concerned with saving the rainforest. So are we, we love trees and air! So we plant 5 trees in Brazil for every order. A small gesture of our commitment to the environment. Before contacting us with concerns of deforestation caused by logging we urge you to educate yourself on the main causes of deforestation. Which logging accounts for less than 3% in recent studies. Placing a stamp on lumber is not preventing deforestation. Buying from a company that claims to be certified but still sells non-certified does not make much sense to us either. We do not participate in programs that gather a lot of money, pay a lot of people and are not proven to be effective in reducing deforestation.


Buying Lumber Online

If you are looking at Ipe you already know you want the best. No matter where you are in the country, Ipe has had to be shipped to your area as it is not indigenous to the USA. This is simply because it comes from Central and South American countries. At Ipe Woods USA we can ship directly to your door or to an LTL terminal to save you some money. All of the lumber we offer for sale is cut custom for your order and is available direct to your door.

Buying Online Made Easy

Really the convenience of purchasing wood online is second to none. You are able to have you lumber delivered directly to your job site and usually for less.