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Lazin’ in the Shade

One of the great things about your yard, front or back, is being able to kick back in the shade and relax at the end of a long day, or on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon/evening.  

Do it out front, and you get the chance to say hi to the neighbors as they’re out working in the yard, walking by, or as you keep an eye on the kids as they explore the universe of their neighborhood and imaginations.

Or if you feel a little more private, kick back in your backyard, with a book, magazine and favorite beverage.  Or else just doze in the shade with some great tunes going, and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine.

Where are you going to get the shade?

If you have some mature trees, those are great. If you want to plant your own, you’ll be waiting a long time for it to grow enough to give you that shade you want.  The other option is to cheat and build your own shade.

The solution is a pergola made of Brazilian walnut, aka ipe.


The Sands of Time

These ancient shade makers have been making a come back. They actually go all the way back to ancient Egypt. With the temperatures there, those guys had to know how to make some shade.

Your typical pergola is tall with a lattice roof, that lets the breezes in to cool you down and gives you the shade you’re craving as well.


Standing the Test of Time

There are so many advantages to making your pergola out of ironwood.  As you may have guessed, that’s another name for ipe. And the reason for using is all in the name.

Ipe is the king of the hardwoods.  Its density means that it stands up rain and wind and sleet and snow.  Brazilian walnut is so dense that water doesn’t penetrate it. (It’s great for docks as well, and pool decking as well.)  So when the winter comes and it’s all covered by snow, or pelted with rain, there’s no need to worry about rot setting in.

Its hardness means that it stands up to the strongest winds as well.

Then you’ve got your munchers–nasty, wood pulverizing insects like termites and ant and all their related cousins.  Those little critters do more damage than hurricanes, earthquakes, and other assorted natural disasters combined. Ipe is so dense that it’s almost impossible for those creepy-crawlies to get an ant-sized mouthful.  

Your ironwood pergola will be standing there a long time.


Where does it go?

And the answer is pretty much anywhere you want.

You can do it as a stand-alone, as we already talked about.  Pour a concrete pad, up to the support beams your lattice roof, a couple hooks for the hammock, or some chairs and a table, and you’re in the relaxing business.  

Or else make it part of your back deck, or front porch.  

Wherever you put it, a lazy summer afternoon or evening is sure to follow.

Our House . . .


“. . . is a very, very, very fine house . . .” to quote Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.  But for your place, it’s a perfect fit.  It’s beautiful and everyone says what wonders you’ve done with it.  You’re ready to step it up, but not quite sure what that next step is.

Right under your Feet

        You’ve upgraded everything else in your house, the only thing is to get rid of that carpet.   It’s getting a little threadbare, and the pads underneath are shot.  They simply must go.  

Nothing says class like hardwood floors. But, of course, you want the right hardwood for your floors.  There’s no sense is doing something that will have to be redone in a few short years.  Invest in a wood that’s going to last for a good long time, and look good that whole time.

The Best Choice

        Just like everything else in your house, you want the best investment for your money.  Something with durability that also manages to stay attractive.  

        To meet those qualifications, there is really only one option:  ipe flooring throughout your house.  Also known as Brazilian walnut, it’s one of the toughest woods you’ll ever find, with a janka hardness rating of 3,680 out of a possible 4,000.  No wonder they also call it ironwood. It can last up to 75 years.  You’ll be dead and buried before your ipe wood floors wear out.

        The kids could practically play hockey on your ipe floors and the damage would be minimal.  What’s better than that?

        Of course, we know you’d never do that.  If you want to insure that your floors last longer, feel free to place runners on the to absorb the worst of the foot traffic.

Tougher Than You Think

        The density makes it perfect to keep stay survive a lot of abuse, but there is even more to how durable and tough ipe is.

        That same density makes it functionally waterproof, which is why it’s such a good wood to use in building docks and boathouses.  The beauty is that if one of your horde of carpet rangers spills water or something on your ironwood floor and you don’t discover it for a couple of hours, there will be little damage if any.  And the chances are on the side of the no damage.

        Add to that its fire rating, which is the highest of any wood out there, and you’ve got a darn tough wood for your floors throughout the house.  


        For indoor uses, we recommend using a stain, to keep your ipe floors looking good as long as possible.  You’ll have to put it down once every 1-2 years.  Be careful not to use too much oil, or the wood will kick it back out and it can pool where that happens and it will become sticky.  To reduce wear, consider using runners and carpets in your most heavily used areas in the house.  Beyond that, the care is easy, a good mopping will keep the floor clean.  

        We at Ipe Woods USA have everything you’ll need for to make the inside of your house look as good as the outside.  We can also connect you to contractors in your area who can do the work for you.

Happy Fourth of July

We want to wish everyone a very happy 4th of July. America now has had 242 years of Independence, that is really something to celebrate.

Celebrating 242 Years of Independence

With USA in our name, you know we love the good ole U.S. of A. and appreciate the groundwork and sacrifice so that we may enjoy so many things. We also want to kindly remind everyone to be safe traveling and enjoying the festivities.

Patriotic holiday. Silhouettes of people holding the Flag of USA. America celebrate 4th of July.


Finishing Touches

Shopping for the right home is always a major undertaking.  You want the right neighborhood, a place close enough to work to get there quickly, and far enough that you can’t be pulled in at a whim.  You want a place that is safe for your kids but gives them all kinds of places to explore and play in the yard.

Getting It Just Right

Over the years you’ve improved the house:  invested in landscaping to make your yard a bright spot of color in the neighborhood, and all the neighbors are trying to catch up with you; you replaced your vinyl siding with wood siding–ipe siding, of course–and you put a beautiful ipe wood deck in the back.  

And you’ve done all this because you’re proud of your home, and want to have everything look just right. And it’s those finishing touches that make the difference.  

The Concept

In the clothing business, they call it “the Concept,” putting the proper finishing touches on an outfit.  When you buy a new car, you don’t want old tires on it, right? Or when you buy that brand-new suit, you don’t want to wear a worn, tattered, threadbare shirt and tie, but want something that makes your investment looking its best.  

And that’s what an ipe wood fence is doing for your house and your yard after all the other work and effort you’ve put into it,  you want everything to be perfect. You want the concept or look, to be complete.

Adding ipe fencing completes the concept,  tying it all together.

Also, by making the fence from Brazilian walnut–another name for ipe wood–you unify everything tying it all together, finishing it all and completing the concept.

The Best-Looking Place in the Neighborhood

Whether or not you’ve used ipe decking or ipe siding for the rest of your home improvements, an ipe fence just gives it that extra little touch of class, that says the people who live here care about their home and the neighborhood.  

They care enough to make sure their house has a beautiful fence that will last for years and years and not fall apart.  They care enough to install one of the most beautiful hardwoods on the planet. Ironwood, aka ipe wood, is a wood that will last forever.   Some studies say that it will last up 75 years.

You can rest easy knowing that your investment in your home will help increase the home’s value, and has made it the best-looking home in the whole neighborhood.

Ipe Woods USA wants to be your partner in this, working alongside from start to finish on whatever project you’re working on to improve your castle.  Visit us at We want to help you make your home the best-looking place in the neighborhood.

Avoiding Unpleasant and Unnecessary Surprises

Turning your home into your castle is a major undertaking.  And you want to do it right and avoid any unnecessary costs and surprises.  The old saying goes “Well begun is half done.” (It’s attributed to Aristotle, but I suspect he didn’t have the rhyming thing going on.)  So when you decide to add a deck to your house, you want it done right, without any worries.  

Counting the Costs

The two most important things about your project are what to use, and how much will it cost?  To restate the obvious, one affects the other.

Given that you have invested much in your house, we can safely assume that you’re not going with vinyl decking options.  You already know that wood decking looks better and increases your home’s value more.

And of course, you want to go with the king of woods–ipe wood, aka Brazilian walnut or ironwood.  

While that may cost more on the front end, on the back end, you’re going to be saving time in longevity and maintenance costs.

Breaking it Down

The average national costs of building a back deck are about $7,100, with the range running from $1,800 on the low end, and $17,000 at the top end. The cost per square foot for ipe decking averages about  $7.50 per square foot but can go as high as $10 per square foot. Remember to add your labor costs, which start at $20 per hour, and can run as high as $35 per hour. Always calculate the highest cost, this avoids unpleasant surprises.  

Start with the basics:  How big is your deck going to be?  The average size of a back deck is 200 square feet to 500 square feet, although some can be much larger.  

When you’re doing your calculations, remember to include support materials as well, such as beams and joists.  

Don’t Forget the Extras

So far, we’ve talked about your basic costs.  But you have to be careful to remember the extras when calculating your costs.  

What extras?

You might not think of them as such, but things like benches, pergolas, planter boxes all count as extras.  Don’t forget to add those in as you’re calculating your total cost.

The Bottom Line

You may be having a heart palpitations as you start looking at your costs, but you’re only looking at the subtotal, not the total.  

Yes, using ipe wood to make your deck will cost you a little more on the front end.  But when you look at the lower maintenance costs, and what ironwood adds to the resale value of your house, you come out ahead.  Remember this is an investment, and the best investments pay out in the long haul.

Ipe Woods USA––the industry’s low-cost leader is here to help you build the most beautiful ipe deck possible.  Our wood is the best, and our customer service is second to none. We consider it a privilege to be your partner in making your home your castle.


You live in a nice upper-middle-class neighborhood; maybe even a couple steps above upper middle class.  Your house looks great and you work to keep it that way. You worked hard to get here and take pride in what you’ve achieved.


And yet there are those pesky neighbor kids who have taken a liking to your fence.  Or maybe it’s a dislike. They keep doing this.  And it’s costing you money and a lot of hassle. Besides the repairs, there’s also the cost of getting that security camera to catch the little rats at what they’ve been up. Plus all the hassle and time to call the cops once you’ve nailed the little rats.  

There is an easy way to fix it.


The one problem with most fences and fencing materials is they just don’t stand up to a lot of wear and tear, and/or abuse, such as neighborhood kids launching regular attacks, heat, cold, snow, rain, and crawly critters who munch on wood.  

Vinyl looks good and tough and it supposedly low maintenance, but it’s all looks and no show. As you saw in that video, it can be taken out by a young kid who gets a good running start.  

What you need is a Ipe fence that will shrug off all those threats like Arnold swatting a bothersome fly.

The answer is a fence built of ipe–Brazilian walnut–wood, from Ipe Woods USA.  Another name for ipe is ironwood.  And it didn’t earn that name just for its good looks.  

A fence made from ipe will stand the test of time as well as attacks from critters that would like for it dinner because of its dense nature.  The US Naval Research lab has tested the durability of ipe and says that it can last for up to 75 years. Any kids who try knocking down that fence are going to need orthopedic attention.  

But even more so is how good looking it is. Freshly installed, ipe wood fencing is a light to medium brown.  It’s a handsome color and stands out beautifully. With its natural density and strength, ipe will stand the worst Mother Nature has to throw at any all natural wood fences.  

It’s both tough and beautiful.  Can you ask for more?

Low Maintenance

Your other big benefit with your ipe wood fence is its low maintenance nature.  

Most contractors recommend not staining the wood, and letting it fade to the beautiful silver-grey patina–like teak– that aged ipe takes on.  However, if you want to stain it, make sure you have a stain that is formulated for ipe–not every wood stain on the market will work for ipe wood.  And you only need to do it annually.

A fence that’s beautiful, tough, and low maintenance, if this were horse racing you’d that’s the triple crown.

What are you waiting for?  


Classic and Classy Wood Always Wins

Your Biggest Investment

It’s a given–your house will be the largest personal investment you’ll make. Just signing the mortgage makes people’s heart rates go up drastically.  

More than the financial investment in the house is the emotional one you’ll have with it.  Your kids will be born and grow there–they’ll play in the backyard and front yard. They’ll climb trees, play tag, Red Rover, Red Rover, etc.  And yes, you can admit it, you’ll become emotionally attached to your home as well. Memories will grow there.

With all that–you want your home to look as good as possible for as long as possible. Which means, what kind of siding do I use?  Vinyl or wood?

Classic is the Best

Classic always wins–go with wood.  Wood is that great look which shows up in all amazing home styles and designs–classic or modern.  Face it, wood always looks best. But you already know that with your level of style and sophistication.

After you’ve decided on the obvious, the next question is what kind of wood to use?  

Cedar and redwood have been around for ages. But they also require a boatload of maintenance, restaining annually and such.  Almost more work than it’s worth. Which is one of the reasons people go for vinyl siding. And we all know how that looks after a while.

Ipe wood, on the other hand, gives you the best of everything you could hope for.  

This is one of the reasons why specializes in great exotic woods, to help protect the investment you’ve made in your house.

Keeping Things Easy

Ask yourself one question:  How easy will this be for me?

As easy as pie.  Because it’s essentially maintenance free.

The other traditional woods used for siding such as pine, spruce, fir, cedar or redwood, require a lot of annual maintenance. You’ve got to restain that siding every year.  Or, if you’re not going to go out and climb all over creation doing it, you’ll be paying someone else to do it.

No matter how you look at it, it’s going to cost you money and maybe a whole lot of time and effort.  With ipe siding, that’s a thing of the past.

General contractor Matt Risinger, suggests that you don’t need to worry about staining your ipe wood, aka ironwood, siding.  

Ipe’s dense nature makes it difficult to stain.  The wood doesn’t take the stain easily. As Ironwood ages, however, it fades to a beautiful silver grey color.  Ensuring that your house will always look fantastic, no matter how old it is. It’s not every day that you can have your home continue looking amazing years after you’ve put up the wood.  But ipe wood siding does just that.

Just like you, the ipe siding on your house will age gracefully, and with style.  Your house will stay as beautiful as the memories that grew up there.

Ipe Does It – The Easiest Wood to Maintain

One of the things our customers here at Ipe Woods USA like so much about ipe wood, is how easy it is to care for. Deck owners rave about how it easy it is to care for a deck made of ipe. You can stain it annually if you want, but most contractors say don’t worry about that. Keeping it clean is practically a matter of a broom and a hose. You may have paid a little more than what you usually pay, but stop and think about what you got for that little bit of extra money.

Less Work
One of the biggest hassles of using an all natural wood for anything–decking, siding, fencing–is you have to restain it every year, or it starts looking bad. Because of its dense nature, ipe wood doesn’t take a stain easily, and when staining you have to be careful not to put too much on, or it makes a mess. That’s not a problem though. Brazilian walnut, as ipe is also known, takes on a beautiful silver grey tone as it ages, and is just as gorgeous aged as it is new. So that means less work and expense for you, and still have a great looking house. Ipe wood siding saves you all that hassle.

No Creepy-crawlies
Another disadvantage to other typical all natural wood siding products is insects love eating wood, and so you have to be careful about that as well.

Once again, ironwood comes to the rescue!
Because of its dense nature (8Xs harder than California redwood), termites, and other nasty insects that like making dinner out of deck and siding, stay away from ipe. One less thing for you to worry about.

Like Water off a Duck’s Back
The same dense nature that repels wood munching critters also makes ipe siding great for keeping the house dry. Ipe is such a dense wood, that it actually sinks. That means the water just slides right off and doesn’t work its way inside. It keeps your house nice and dry. Don’t believe me? Check out what Matt Risinger has to say about this.

Because the water just slips away, the wood stays dry, which means that molds and fungi don’t attach themselves easily to your ipe wood siding.

A Flame-thrower maybe?
There is no all-natural substance that is completely fireproof, but ipe wood gets really close. Studies have given it a Class A fire resistance rating–the highest possible. Having ipe siding on your house is great fire protection. Unless you live in a neighborhood like what you see in the Lethal Weapon movies, where homes are shot up and blown up almost daily, chances are with ipe wood siding, it will take a lot longer than usual for the siding on your house to catch fire.

Ipe Woods USA carries a wide selection of ipe boards for all kinds of purposes so that you can rest easy once you’ve got your house covered in ipe.

No More Slip Sliding Away

It was a busy fall for you, and you didn’t get the chance to fix up your dock at the end of the season last year. And now boating and swimming season is just around the corner.

What to do?
Have no fear, there is no reason to worry. There is still time to take care of things. And to make things even better, we here at have come to the rescue.

A Natural Solution

One of the problems with all natural wood docks is that in many ways, wood and water don’t get along. Slowly, but surely over time, water works its way into the wood and warps and cracks and makes the finish peel. Once that all happens, then you’ve got to replace the boards.
However, there is an all-natural solution. One that will save you a lot of work and money.
You’ve probably been using cedar or redwood for your dock up to now. Those are great woods. Many market them as being resistant to the ravages of water, but the fact is unless you’re using boards made from heartwood, they’re not really that resistant.
Ipe wood, however, is naturally resistant to water, which means that you’re not going to come to the end of each season looking at warped and cracked boards in your dock.

Low Maintenance

The natural water-resistance to water means you don’t have to worry about replacement and repair of your dock at the end of every boating season. While there may be some yearly maintenance–you never know what’s going to happen–generally, it’s much less than you’ll experience with docks made from other woods. Ipe wood didn’t earn its nickname of ironwood for nothing. This beautiful Brazilian hardwood can last up to 40 years. That’s practically two generations.
With woods such as cedar and redwood, you have to restain it regularly. In fact, some say to do it each year. When you toss in replacing and repairing the boards, that’s a lot of work.
Your ipe boards are very dense and don’t take a stain easily. (Yes, it can be stained, if you insist.) As a matter of fact, there are only one or two oils that can really do stain, and even then you need to be very careful because too much and it looks bad.
Aged ipe turns a lovely silver-grey color, similar to teak wood.
These two features help to keep your maintenance time and costs low.

No More Slip-sliding away

One of the other features of the Brazilian walnut is that unlike other woods, it has a more natural grip, so when it’s wet, you’re not sliding into the lake.
However, does carry groove ipe dock boards, for draining away water on the surface of the dock, if you prefer that option.
Keeping it Looking Good
For keeping your dock looking and safer over an extended period of time–up to 40 years, remember?–nothing beats using ipe for your boards and joists in your dock. And with the reduced maintenance and overall cost, you just can’t lose using ipe boards for your dock.

The Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship


Winner info here.

Next year we will be increasing the scholarship and changing the topic. Thank you to all the applicants.


Caitlan Wallace had just turned 18, when her life was suddenly taken in a fatal car accident on September 29th, 2015. Caitlan was an intelligent, witty, spirited young woman who looked forward to starting adult life and education.

My name is Steven Rossi of Ipe Woods USA. Caitlan was not only my niece, she was also an inspiration to me and our family. Caitlan’s brilliance and charm was the light of our lives. She will not have the opportunity to fulfill her dream of going to College. In Memory of Caitlan Wallace, Ipe Woods USA is offering a College Scholarship in the amount of $1000.

This initial scholarship of $1000 will be offered to someone who needs financial assistance to fulfill their college dreams. Ipe Woods USA is accepting applications with an attached essay to award the first Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship.

Essay requirements for the Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship:
The advent of safe phones, texting, and social media has led to an increase of traffic accidents due to distracted driving. In a two-page essay please discuss the necessity for safe driving and the perils of distracted driving. We ask that this essay be a concisely written creative essay that can be shared in Memory of Caitlan Wallace and her tragic automobile death.

Essay Format:
Use the basic principles of an opinion essay:
An Introduction that previews the 3 essential points of the essay
A Body that discusses each point of your argument for safe driving
A Conclusion that summarizes your points
The essays will be judged on academic excellence, writing style and the concise conveyance of the points you make highlighting the need for safe driving.

The work must be original and unpublished. The writing will be checked for plagiarism and writings that were previously published on any kind of media outlets, including personal blogs, Facebook pages and similar platforms, will not be considered applicable.
The essay must include at least three official and authentic sources to corroborate your argumentation. Once you submit your essay, you give permission to use it for commercial purposes.

Writing Guidelines:
The essay must follow a logical reasoning as your writing must be based on factual and logical arguments to prove your point.
The writing style is free, as creativity is also evaluated. We welcome and cherish conceptual writing, provided that you follow the aforementioned guidelines of argumentation and remain objective.
The writing must explain a particular point of view and prove it reasonable and logical based on the official sources you have to include on your writing.

The sources that refer to objective statements must be cited as quotations, whilst official data sources, like statistical data, can be simply referred at the end of the writing by an index markers system of your preference, i.e., “1, 2, 3, 4….”; “*, **, ***”.

Both types of sources, either quoted statements or data sources must be referred at the end of the essay in a separate section that must be titled “References”. You must include links for the official websites where the information can be accessed or, in the case of books and other printed media, you must include an extended reference with the number of the page and paragraph where the data or statement can be found, as well as the year of the publication, and the name of the book and the author.

Once again, note that the essay must follow a logical reasoning. Religious books or any other kind of abstract, empiric or non-scientific sources are not valid to corroborate your argumentation and you will be eliminated from the contest. Your essay must be saved as a “.doc” file.

Application Guidelines:
Send us your essay by email to [email protected] with the subject “Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship – YOUR NAME”

In the body of the email include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Telephone number
  • Full name of the school/university you are attending
  • Area of Study
  • You also must submit an official document that proves you are currently studying and associated with your school/university, including an official certification by the institution, as a signature or an official stamp. This document must be scanned with a good resolution and attached to your email.

Review and Winner’s Announcement:
The applied works will be reviewed under the following criteria:

  • Evaluation of the proper grammar usage
  • Evaluation of writing skills
  • Evaluation of creativity
  • Evaluation of argumentation and sources
  • The evaluations will get a grade of excellence based on the performance on the aforementioned criteria. The total highest grade will naturally be selected as the winner
  • The announcement of the winner is made on November 15th. The winner must claim her prize within one month or the second highest grade of the selection will be awarded as the winner.
    To claim the prize, we will contact you and your school/university to prove your association and subsequently, the prize will be sent via check .

Deadline The final date for submission is November 1st 2018, and we will choose the winner by November 15th and the check will be mailed out by November 20th 2018.

Steven Rossi
Ipe Woods USA
In Loving Memory of Caitlan Wallace