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How to Build a Deck: 5 Tips From the Pros

5 Tips On How to Build a Deck

Looking at adding a deck to your home? Here are 5 tips on how to build a deck.

Did you know that adding decking to your house could be 80% cheaper than you think?

Houses that have good quality decking installed often rise in value up to 80% of the cost of the decking.

Of course, that is only installing the basic wood structure. After you install other items such as outdoor furniture its appeal rises further.

You may want to make your house look even better, but have never installed decking before. If you want to ensure that you are investing well, what should you look out for?

Check out our list of 5 tips on how to build a deck.

1. Choose Your Design Carefully

Experts say that you should not build decking that is 20% of your house’s square footage.

If you decide to go with this, you will need to plan carefully how you use each square foot. Will you use your decking area mostly for ornaments, or will you host garden parties?

Some add to the beauty of their decking by building more than one level. Perhaps they have the main seating area and a smaller area that is lower and tapers down to a yard.

When designing your deck, plan for your decking to be a few inches below door level. In winter leaves may pile up against the base of the door and, if the same level, the out-swinging storm door will push them into the decking.

This is not only ugly but can cause damage in the long term. Leaving this gap will also keep leaves out of the house.

2. Think in 3-D

If you are building substantial decking, you likely have favorable weather and want to sit outside and enjoy it. To shield you from unwanted sunlight you have a range of options.

If you want to read in peace, you can go with a pergola and sun rays that creep through the wooden slats. To stay out of the sun completely, install an awning.

Once you have shade in place, and a superstructure to hang things from, only your budget limits what you can do.

Elaborate lighting systems, heating systems to allow you to enjoy the decking all year round, TVs, audio systems, Barbeques – the list is endless.

3. Choose Quality Materials

Depending on the weather where you live, your decking may take a pounding. Direct sustained sunlight in summer, followed by lashing rain in winter means you need to pick enduring materials if you do not want to replace timbers each year.

You have a choice between natural wood and composite boards.

Natural Woods

Natural woods such as Redwoods and Red Cedar are historically the most popular choice for checking materials. They are naturally resistant to decay, insects, and rot.

There are many other natural wood solutions available at a lower price to artificial solutions. However, it is true that they will show their age with just a few years.

Artificial Solutions

Before you discount the non-natural materials, think of what they can offer you.

Composite boards are a blend of recycled plastic and wood. This gives them incredible durability. They often come with a warranty of up to 25 years.

Since they have a plastic coating their finish is also guaranteed and will not significantly fade during this time. In fact, the time saved by not needing to maintain composite often persuades people to spend the extra money needed to purchase it.

The appearance of the composite boards is engineered to look exactly like genuine wood and people often find it difficult to distinguish between them.

4. Choose Your Fixtures Carefully

Even if you go for a long-lasting wood decking solution, this could still be undermined if you choose the wrong fittings. Choosing screws and other fixtures will damage the wood surrounds.

Choosing fixtures that will rust quickly will mean you have to take up the boards to replace the fixtures even though the wood may be fine.

If you plan to use stainless steel nails or screws, we recommend 305-grade stainless steel or higher. A lower grade may discolor the wood surrounding it.

A safe solution is the CAMO® Hidden Clip System. Rather than driving the screw into your decking panels, this system uses an unseen clip that sits in-between the panels. This houses the screw and protects the wood from discoloration.

5. Choose the Right Finish

When your decking is in place you are ready to apply the finish. You basically have three options:

  • Paint
  • Stain
  • No finish


Painting a new wooden deck may seem unorthodox, but it does have its advantages. Depending on the color that you choose, you may not have to clean it as often as other finishes.

A good quality paints job is easier to clean by simple washing. It is hardwearing and will not fade easily.

However, this is also a negative. Paint is very hardwearing. This means that one you have painted your decking, there is little chance of successfully going back to a natural wood look.


Staining allows you to retain the natural beauty of the wood. If your wood has a naturally beautiful grain pattern, you may even be able to accentuate it with the right stain.

The downside is that stain is less hardwearing than paint. Depending on the quality of the stain that is applied and the number of coats, it may not last many years. Particularly in areas of high traffic will it age more quickly.

No Finish

This is a surprisingly good option. Not only are you able to make immediate use of your decking, with correct maintenance and cleaning, the wood can also last for decades.

If you took the option to use Redwoods and Red Cedar, you may be able to leave the surface of the wood completely untouched thanks to its natural resistance to bugs and decay.

Of course, over time this type of wood will discolor, however, unless it is under very severe weather conditions it will not change in any way other than appearance.

How to Build a Deck and Many Other Projects

These are the top tips on the subject of how to build a deck.

If you are planning to add a deck or any outdoor timber to your house, why not check out our blog to see what practical advice we have to offer?

Make sure to contact us today for a quote on the best wood you can buy!

Home Improvement 101: Which Decking Material Should You Choose?

Which Decking Material Should You Choose?

Looking at adding a deck to your home? Here are a few suggestions on what decking material you should choose.

Adding a deck to your home is a great improvement on the aesthetic value. It gives your home a convenient finished touch that makes your outdoor warm and welcoming.

When choosing decking material, there are factors to consider ensuring that your deck can withstand wear and tear. It’s also essential to ensure that your decking material meets your financial investments goals. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of decking materials out there and how to choose.

Types of Decking Material for Your Deck

Although there is a variety of material to use for decking, not all will keep your outdoor glory. Therefore, your decking material should not only look presentable but also be durable for an exceptional outdoor look all year. Here are a few options for your decking material.

Decking Material: Redwood and Cedar

Red cedar and redwood are purists’ materials, which are known for their rich natural beauty and color. What makes the difference in the materials is that they aren’t pumped with preservations or chemicals. Both materials contain oils and tannins that make them resistant to decay, insects, and rot.

These are naturally superior materials and will guarantee that your deck will look excellent throughout the season. With these softwoods, your home will have an improved look that will guarantee an added natural taste of style and class.


Plastic lumber and composite decking material are common in the today market. These type of materials are selling fast due to simplicity and affordability. People working on a budget find them appropriate as they work within their budget.

Composite materials are also convenient and easy to upgrade. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to change your deck more often, this is a suitable choice of material. Most plastic lumber decks are made of polyvinyl chloride polyethylene and they come various colors to guarantee you an appropriate material that meets your décor needs.

Tropical Hardwoods

Exotic imports have a defined look and when you use them for decking; your home aesthetics will automatically improve. Some of the tropical materials for decking include red tauari, massaranduba, Philippine mahogany, cumaru, ipe, and tigerwood.

With such materials, your deck will be durable and will be naturally resistant to insects and rot. These exotic woods are also thick, which makes them stable and unshaken especially by natural impairments.

Another benefit of this material is that they are relatively strong. In fact, driving a nail or screw through them has to start with boring a hole. Therefore, the design will have a uniform look as all nails or screws you use will have a standard look.

When you compare these tropical materials with PT lumber, they are relatively expensive. Their beautiful look makes them convenient for most homeowners who are interested in making their home unique and luxurious.


Aluminum is convenient for making a deck that is exceptional and simple. Although most manufacturers don’t design decks with aluminum material, it does not mean that it does won’t produce a competent deck.

What makes aluminum an ideal material is that it won’t rust, rot, crack, warp, or splinter. Unlike other materials, aluminum will not be affected by weather and it’s resistant to mold or slip.

Using aluminum requires a coating that makes it durable and will not blister or peel regardless of the conditions.

Another benefit of aluminum is that it’s easy to redecorate and change as you change your interior décor. Your deck will have a new look on occasion when you decide to make changes. This will give it a new look, almost as if you changed the material.

Common aluminum decks include Versadeck, LockDry, and AridDeck. They are strong and will work under any weather condition to ensure your home is presentable all year round.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Materials

Although all decking material has a way of improving your space, it is essential to ensure that your choice of material is within your standards and expectations. You need to consider various aspects of your home. Some of these include:

Complement Your Home Design

Your deck should serve as an extension of your home design. Your material for decking should complement your interior décor. The finish, color, and rail design are essential elements of design.

During the colonial time, decks had an older style. These styles are common today and most synthetic manufacturers offer a variety of railings as mission style or provincial to help the deck fit the rest of your house décor. In other words, decks that are perfectly done shouldn’t bring competition to the other house style.

Weight Cost

Cost is an essential factor to consider when making any investment. Before committing to any investment, ensure that the materials you buy don’t strain you’re your budget.

Also, when buying materials ensure that the price you get is convenient for you and fits in your budget. This helps ensure that when it comes to repairing or changing the deck, you are also comfortable financially.

Price also influences the type of design you get. The more you are willing to pay, the higher your chances of getting a good design. Paying more does not mean that the material you get is of great quality over the cheap one.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are a major determinant of the type of material to use for decking. Materials that look great during winter may not work well during summer seasons. When investing in materials, ensure you find one that works best through the season.

Additionally, ensure that your choice of material allows you to be flexible in designing it through the different season.

Getting the Right Decking Material Gives the Entire Deck Project an Exceptional Look

The right material also guarantees that your deck has a unique style and it’s convenient. Choosing a long-lasting decking material will determine the longevity of your deck and its aesthetic appeal. You need to consider the above factors before making the decision.

Contact us for a variety of choice of decking material, delivered to your building site

Happy Memorial Day – Remembering Americas Heroes

On Memorial Day 2019,  Ipe Woods USA would like to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to those servicemen who paid the ultimate price for our great country. Our gratitude cannot be put into words. We owe everything to the men and women who have forged this country and laid the path for us to be able and do what we do with the freedoms we enjoy.

Take a few minutes of your time off this holiday and read about Memorial Day. 

We also want to thank all of our Active Military and Veterans for their service. 

5 Most Shocking Reasons Why Ipe Decking is Becoming More Popular

Are you looking to build the ideal deck for your home? Thinking about what the perfect decking material would be? Ipe or Brazilian hardwood is the answer to your problem.

There are an estimated 30 million residential decks in the US. A good 10 million of them have only come up recently. We’re betting most of these decks use ipe wood for their materials.

Most people choose ipe wood because of its sturdiness and reliability. Get a decking material that can last your whole lifetime.

Read on below for the top 5 benefits of using ipe decking.

1. Low Ipe Decking Cost

In 2016, 25% of home remodeling projects focused on adding decks to already-built homes. One of the many reasons why ipe is a very popular addition to homes is its low cost. Ipe prices can even equal synthetic plastic deck material.

If you plan to DIY your deck, you can get the ipe wood boards for a cheaper price. Ipe deck boards could cost for as little to 3.50 USD to 5 USD per square foot. The added cost of labor could increase the total price to about 20 USD per square foot if you plan to pay professionals to build the deck.

Prices for random lengths are available in our shop. For example, a 1×4 ipe wood with eased edges can cost 2.24 USD per foot. Check out our price list for ipe wood costs at different lengths and functions.

The cost of ipe decking installation can vary with the size of the deck. A 200 to 500 square-foot deck can cost you around 7,000 USD. Smaller decks can cost only 2,000 USD or more.

Ipe wood can seem more expensive than most other wood materials. In the long run, it will be a great investment and will cost you less. We’ll further explain below the durability of the ipe wood.

2. Ipe Decking Has Durability and High Density

You want to create a wooden deck or porch that lasts for a long time. Ipe hardwood is tough as nails and has a high density. It’s not a surprise that it earned the nickname “ironwood”.

Ipe wood’s high density makes it the best decking material according to many deck makers. This dense characteristic makes ipe wood long-lasting and sturdy. Several resistances come from the high density of this redwood species.

Ipe wood has a Class A fire resistance rating. This is comparable to the resistance of steel and concrete against fire. The wood’s density, rugged surface, and natural moisture content help.

In the market, most wood materials do not expand like ipe wood. The contracting and expanding of ipe wood make it an adaptive material. Often, these changes will be due to the climate and temperature of the area.

As a note, excessive movement is a common problem with ipe decking. The reason is the wood still moves with changes in the temperature and humidity. The wood will compensate when it starts drying and can cause coupling, gaps, and buckling.

To prevent this, make sure that airflow on all four sides of the boards remains even. The boards and joints should have even spaces between each other. Also, allow some room for expansion and drainage.

3. Ipe Wood Is Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Among the various typical decking options, ipe wood has great sustainability. As discussed above, it is very sturdy. This leads to fewer instances of deck wood replacement.

Compared to most wood types for deck boards, ipe wood can last much longer. With the right maintenance, it can weather the elements for over 75 years. In the case of termite attacks, it can hold out against them for up to 15 years.

Although we say that ipe has good sustainability as decking material, the source itself isn’t so much. Due to its widespread use in many construction projects, many are overharvesting it. In time, further sourcing of ipe could lead to its extinction.

This is why you must be smart and efficient in using ipe wood. This incredible hardwood has much use to us and will benefit future generations. All we need to do is to be responsible for the usage of our materials.

4. Retains Cool Surfaces

In its original state, Brazilian hardwood or ipe has high moisture content. Through the slow drying process, the moisture content level goes down. This is to prevent the ipe wood from cracking and splitting.

For months, the wood sits in a warehouse to readjust to its new environment and acclimate well. If you buy ipe wood, it’s best to consider one that is premium or select grade. This will ensure that the woods will have the least amount of separation and cracks.

As a tip, when you buy ipe wood, it’s smart to let them acclimate. Let the boards sit for a few days on-site before you cut them. The longer they get to adjust to temperatures, the stronger they’ll be when you start the decking project.

There are some options for ipe decking, including air-dried boards and kiln-dried lumber. Air-dried decking has a moisture content of 12% to 18%. This ensures that excessive movement and checking will not occur during elemental exposure.

The kiln-dried wood has a moisture content of 6% to 8%. This is essential in climate-controlled interiors. Kiln-drying ipe allows more stability and prevents moisture loss.

Since ipe hardwood has a natural capacity to keep less heat, it will stay cool in the summer months. Using ipe decking will be better than using composite and plastic decking. It also has a tendency to crack less, giving you fewer chances of getting splinters.

If you can’t get access to ipe, some Ipe alternatives include cumaru, massaranduba, and teak.

5. Low Maintenance

Ipe helps create the ideal deck for many homeowners. It has great aesthetic value, great efficiency, and incredible stability. Still, without the right maintenance, it can wear out faster than it should.

The great thing about ipe decking is that doesn’t need a lot to keep it in tip-top shape.

All you need is regular cleaning. Sweep it every day to clear out the sap, pollen, and leaves. Should debris remain, rinse it out.

Sealing your boards after constructing the deck will help in its longevity too. If you want to give further protection to the finish, you can oil your ipe wood. Remember to reseal your boards every few years.

Exposure to the sun will make the board colors fade. If you want to keep the color from fading, use a UV protectant on the boards. If you can get an awning to protect it from the high sun, do it whenever your budget allows you to.

All Hands on the Ipe Deck

That’s it for the 5 reasons why ipe decking is becoming a popular choice among homeowners.

Did you enjoy this blog post and/or found it informative? Feel free to visit our blog page for more articles on Ipe decking.

Thinking of getting treatments for a beautiful finish on your ipe deck? Check out our main page for our products and services on all things ipe! You can also contact us and fill out a form for a quote.

Great Alternatives to Ipe

The most common reason we see for people looking for alternatives to Ipe is price. If you are looking for an Ipe alternative this article is for you. Ipe is the king of hardwoods, the reasons for that are numerous. But what are the best alternatives? Here are two of our favorites and why. Ipe Woods USA sells all of these alternatives, but since they are less popular the availability is limited. Most commonly these Ipe alternatives come in 1×6 and 5/4×6, however due to stability in a less dense wood, it is recommended to use 5/4x material when using anything except Ipe. It is also not recommended to groove any 1x material to ensure a more stable deck and installation.  Following just those 2 recommendations can help make your deck last much longer.


From a density and longevity standpoint, we prefer Garapa. It is a great wood and is substantially less expensive than Ipe. So what are the pros and cons of Garapa?

Garapa Pros:

  • Less Expensive
  • Extremely Durable
  • Long life span can exceed 30 years
  • Greys over time if untreated, making it end up looking similar to more expensive woods

Garapa Cons:

  • Color is yellow, but it will turn grey if allowed. Also can be treated to darken the color
  • Somewhat plain-looking as the wood doesn’t have many age rings or contrasting color characteristics. 


Cumaru is a beautiful wood, but in our experience, it is less stable around water than Ipe and Garapa. In fact, we have seen it prone to cupping especially in the 1×6 size. While this usually happens when moisture and/or water are near it.

Cumaru Pros:

  • Beautiful exotic look
  • Less expensive than Ipe
  • Durable
  • Life span can exceed 25 years

Cumaru Cons:

  • Not as good around water
  • Less density
  • Not recommended in 1x material
  • Has a tendency to cup in thinner material

In the end, all of the woods no matter if it is ipe, garapa or cumaru are great choices. But there is only one king of hardwood decking and that is Ipe.

Ipe Woods USA Awarded Best Of Houzz 2019 – Second Win In a Row

Ipe Decking

Awarded by Community of Over 40 Million Monthly Users, Annual BOH Badge Highlights Home Remodeling & Design Professionals with Top Ratings

While we strive every day to offer the best prices and service, we are pleased to be recognized by a community of over 40 Million members as the best company for exotic hardwood decking service.”— Steven Rossi

SAN FRANSICO, CA, UNITES STATES, February 25, 2019 – Ipe Woods USA has won “Best Of Customer Service” for the second straight year, Houzz the leading platform for home renovation and design. The innovative lumber distribution company was chosen by the more than 40 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than 2.1 million active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals.

The Best Of Houzz badge is awarded annually, in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. Design awards honor professionals whose work was the most popular among the Houzz community. Customer Service honors are based on several factors, including a pro’s overall rating on Houzz and client reviews submitted in 2018. Architecture and interior design photographers whose images were most popular are recognized with the Photography award.

A “Best Of Houzz 2019” badge will appear on winners’ profiles as a sign of their commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.

“Best of Houzz is a true badge of honor as it is awarded by our community of homeowners, those who are hiring design, remodeling and other home improvement professionals for their projects,” said Liza Hausman, vice president of Industry Marketing for Houzz. “We are excited to celebrate the 2019 winners chosen by our community as their favorites for home design and customer experience, and to highlight those winners on the Houzz website and app.”

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About Ipe Woods USA:
While lumber is an old industry the direct to consumer market for lumber is relatively new, and so is Ipe Woods USA. Utilizing a distribution network of more than 10 warehouses and/or mills and over 300 pickup locations across the United States. The company specializes in Ipe decking but also offers Massaranduba, Garapa, Tigerwood, Purpleheart and Cumaru.

About Houzz:
Houzz is the leading platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish – online or from a mobile device. From decorating a small room to building a custom home and everything in between, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world. With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community
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Buy Ipe Direct Acquired by Ipe Woods USA

As promised here is the big news, the acquisition of Buy Ipe Direct has been completed. Read all about it in this months Business Insider.

We are excited to add this amazing brand to our portfolio of Ipe companies in an effort to better serve customers and provide the best customer service. We continue to grow rapidly and appreciate the customers that value our high standards and make our business possible.

The sites will operate much the same as they have and we are looking to eventually work towards a seamless integration into our successful business model.

2019 Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship Announced


Winner info here.

Next year we will be increasing the scholarship and changing the topic. Thank you to all the applicants.


The Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship

The Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship was created to remember the life and legacy of our dear Caitlan. Since education is a gift that lasts a lifetime we are delighted to announce our second annual scholarship offering.  We lost Caitlan suddenly in a tragic car accident on September 29th, 2015. She had just turned eighteen and was looking forward to life full of promise. 

We had many great applicants last year, but unfortunately we could only give one scholarship which went to Samantha Martinez from Arizona State University . We want to thank all participants and ask you to join us again in The Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship.

My name is Steven Rossi of Ipe Woods USA. This wonderful young lady was not only my niece, she was also inspiration to our whole family. She was an intelligent, witty, spirited young woman who was the light of our lives.  Her dream was to go to College and in her memory, Ipe Woods USA is offering a College Scholarship in the amount of $1500.

This scholarship of $1500 will be offered to someone who needs financial assistance to fulfill their college dreams.

Scholarship Subject : Intoxicated Driving – What can we do to raise awareness 

Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes—that’s one person every 48 minutes in 2017

In a three-page essay please discuss the following:

How can we prevent drunk driving? What can be done to raise awareness about intoxicated driving?

Inform people about the dangers of drinking and driving

We ask that this essay be a concisely written creative essay that can be shared in Memory of Caitlan Wallace and her tragic automobile death.

Essay Format:

  • Use the basic principles of an opinion essay:
  • An Introduction that previews the 3 essential points of the essay
  • A Body that discusses each point of your argument for safe driving
  • A Conclusion that summarizes your points

The essays will be judged on academic excellence, writing style and the concise conveyance of the points you make highlighting the need for safe driving.

The work must be original and unpublished. The writing will be checked for plagiarism and writings that were previously published on any kind of media outlets, including personal blogs, Facebook pages, and similar platforms, will not be considered applicable.

The essay must include at least three official and authentic sources to corroborate your argumentation.

Once you submit your essay, you give permission to use it for commercial purposes.

Writing Guidelines

    • The essay must follow logical reasoning as your writing must be based on factual and logical arguments to prove your point.
    • The writing style is free, as creativity is also evaluated. We welcome and cherish conceptual writing, provided that you follow the aforementioned guidelines of argumentation and remain objective.
  • The writing must explain a particular point of view and prove it reasonable and logical based on the official sources you have to include on your writing.
  • The sources that refer to objective statements must be cited as quotations, whilst official data sources, like statistical data, can be simply referred at the end of the writing by an index markers system of your preference, i.e., “1, 2, 3, 4….”; “*, **, ***”.
  • Both types of sources, either quoted statements or data sources must be referred at the end of the essay in a separate section that must be titled “References”. You must include links for the official websites where the information can be accessed or, in the case of books and other printed media, you must include an extended reference with the number of the page and paragraph where the data or statement can be found, as well as the year of the publication, and the name of the book and the author.
  • Once again, note that the essay must follow a logical reasoning. Religious books or any other kind of abstract, empiric or non-scientific sources are not valid to corroborate your argumentation and you will be eliminated from the contest.
  1. Your essay must be saved as a “.doc” file.
  2. Application Guidelines
  • Send us your essay by email to [email protected]  with the subject “2019 Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship – YOUR NAME”

In the body of the email include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Telephone number
  • Full name of the school/university you are attending
  • Area of Study

You also must submit an official document that proves you are currently studying and associated with your school/university, including an official  certification by the institution, as a signature or an official stamp. This document must be scanned with a good resolution and attached to your email.

Review and Winner’s Announcement

The applied works will be reviewed under the following criteria:

    • Evaluation of the proper grammar usage
    • Evaluation of writing skills
    • Evaluation of creativity
    • Evaluation of argumentation and sources
    • The evaluations will get a grade of excellence based on the performance on the aforementioned criteria. The total highest grade will naturally be selected as the winner
    • The announcement of the winner is made on (or shortly after) December 15th. The winner must claim her prize within one month or the second-highest grade of the selection will be awarded as the winner.
    • To claim the prize, we will contact you and your school/university to prove your association and subsequently, the prize will be sent via check .
  • Deadline The final date for submission is December 15th, 2019, and we will choose the winner by December 25th, 2019 and the check will be mailed out by January 1st, 2020.

Steven Rossi


In Loving Memory of Caitlan Wallace

Dress Up Your Deck: 8 Must-Have Deck Furniture Ideas

Is your home feeling cramped? Maybe you are constantly tripping over guests when you entertain? Expand your home’s livable space by transforming your deck and getting new deck furniture ideas.

Outdoor living rooms and kitchens are all the rage. More people are looking to their backyards to provide them with much needed livable square footage.

People are seeing the value of creating comfortable, livable outdoor spaces in their own backyard. But how do you take your deck to the next level?

Lucky for you, we put together a list of our top 8 deck decor must-haves. Keep reading for deck furniture ideas that will take your space from drab to fab!

1. Firepit

Heat your evenings up as the weather cools down with your own personal firepit.

Firepits are the most popular outdoor feature in American homes.

And we can see why. There is something so calming and conversational about an open fire. Lighting a fire transforms an ordinary night into something memorable.

The backyard firepit trend means there are tons of options for you. Custom fireplace and firepits are also a great option if you want something tailored specifically to your space.

You’ll also need to decide if you want a gas or wood-burning firepit. Wood-burning fire pits are classic. But they can take some effort to light and keep lit.

Gas firepits light quickly and maintain a consistent heat. While wood-burning firepit takes more effort to light and keeps lit.

If you live in an area known for wildfires or droughts opt for a gas firepit. A traditional wood-burning fire pit could be problematic during wildfire season. With a gas fire pit, you can enjoy a fire any-time, even during non-burn days!

2. Hammock

Nothing says relaxation like lounging in a hammock. Americans are among some of the most stressed people in the world. Chronic stress hurts our health and makes life more difficult.

Unwind from your daily tension with a cool drink and a weightless nap!

Hammocks naps provide a number of amazing, stress-busting benefits. The iconic hammock sway melts stress away and eases mental tension.

And say goodbye to stress-related insomnia.

Hammocks help you fall asleep and sleep more deeply. When you sleep on a regular bed your body conforms to its shape. But hammocks conform to your shape, resulting in a zero-pressure point rest.

3. Dining Set

Feeling couped up? Take dinner outside! The right dining set can transform your deck into a second dining room.

It’s tempting to get a large long table if you love dinner parties. But before you start planning a massive dinner soiree figure out how much space you have on your deck for a dining set.

Consider how many people can comfortably and safely fit on your deck along with your other furniture.

Table height is also important when deciding on the overall vibe of your dining space. Lower tables give a more casual feel to a meal. While high tables encourage you to sit upright and feel a bit more formal.

4. Outdoor Sound System

Music sets the mood for your evening. You can unwind with some relaxing ballads or kick it into party mode with a killer playlist. A great outdoor speaker system is indispensable to creating your perfect deck.

There are tons of speakers on the market. Splurge on an amazing outdoor entertainment setup that is completely weather resistant. Or maybe you want smart home outdoor speakers that can integrate with the rest of your smart home appliances.

Just make sure to set your speaker or speakers up in a place that won’t disturb conversations or a nice hammock nap.

5. Light It Up

Great lighting is vital to set the vibe for your newly improved outdoor space.

String lights are an outdoor decor favorite. They are inexpensive, easy to install and create a gorgeous ambiance. Plus there are tons of varieties for every style and budget.

Long strands of globe light provide tons of warm light for a modern bohemian deck. While twinkling fairy lights create a dim and whimsical ambiance.

Combine different lighting features to make your space usable at any hour. Make sure you get brighter task lighting for safety. Your deck’s steps should always be well lit along with any walkways or paths.

6. Comfy Furniture

Comfy cozy furniture is key to creating an inviting outdoor space.

Your outdoor furniture should look and feel comfortable. You want this space to be inviting. Invest in cushy, weather-resistant furniture.

Select furniture that matches the overall aesthetic of your existing deck and yard. For instance, is your space a lush, overgrown bohemian paradise? Or is your deck more modern and minimal?

There’s plenty of weather-resistant furniture available. You’ll be sure to find something that really goes with your style.

7. Cozy Textiles

Select colors and patterns that coordinate with your home’s exterior color and overall decor. You want to use these textiles to enhance the space and create continuity with your interior decor.

Pillows are a great way to make your furniture feel plusher. And they elevate the overall appearance of your outdoor furniture.

Outdoor rugs work wonders for tying your space together. Try a classy rug underneath your dining set for a dignified, cohesive look. Or you use a rug to make your outdoor living room feel more like a living room.

And some people are even hanging sheer curtains around their deck for elegant sun-protection!

8. Make It Shady

Sunny days are best spent in the shade. Make sure you have enough shade installed on your deck so you can fully enjoy it.

It can be as simple as a few well-placed umbrellas. Or you can invest in a nice pop-up gazebo or tent.

Asses your personal shade needs for your space and local weather. You should also select shade options that match your decor and home.

Best Deck Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Your deck is an extension of your home and living space. Make the most of that extra square footage by transforming your deck into an outdoor oasis.

Use our deck furniture ideas and plan your deck do-over today!